Admissions for one year PGDITBM opens @ SCIT

Whilst choosing an MBA in India, the primary focus is always on enrolling into a management degree that is reliable, comes with a promise  of getting you better career opportunities and proves worthy of your investment. Though there are many places that claim to be the best business school in the neighborhood, not everybody is able to live up to the name. Amidst the many options, the Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is one place that has been pioneering the concept of IT education under the prestigious Symbiosis Pune banner for quite some time. The holistic approach at SCIT makes it poles apart from the usual colleges offer MBA programs making it one of the top ranked B schools in the country. Unlike the other PGDM colleges in Pune, SCIT uses an industry relevant curriculum to teach its students. The result is better talent that is gradually trained to take on the challenging roles in the corporate sector.

A few years ago when SCIT initiated its journey, the MBA IT specialization was an untouched domain. There were management colleges but they did not cater to the demand of niche programs. In fact, the understanding of management degree ended on the curriculum training of general management. If you were interested to do more, your options were few especially in the domain of IT education. But with the coming of SCIT, this perception has undergone a major transformation. Today, the coveted SNAP entrance test makes you eligible for the state of the art programs being conducted on campuses like SCIT.

What started with a simply cause to provide post graduate degree in the domain of IT education gradually evolved into a world class option that currently specializes in conducting different types of MBA programs. With its specially designed programs for professionals, the executive MBA at SCIT is a one of its kind option for the working class. The weekend only program redefined the existence of the executive MBA in Pune. People wanting to pursue a specialization with their job now have an excellent option in the programs offered by SCIT. This is not all. SCIT also conducts a one year PGDITBM program. The course that deals with specialization in Information Technology covers a duration of one year and can be excellent for people who already have a thorough experience in the field of IT.

If you are wondering, how is a one year PGDITBM different? Well, the only difference is the time span and this also happens to be one of the biggest advantages. For people, who have the experience but lack the degree, the one year PGDITBM fits the bill perfectly especially if you are no mood to give up your current career pursuit. In fact, there are many companies that support employees wanting to pursue such programs.

This year’s admissions for the one year PGDITBM program at SCIT are on in full swing and what’s more is that it is a direct application process. So, all you need to do is register yourself in the required format and wait for the final call.



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