IT business and its ever changing rules

The domain of information technology is not at all static. Along with the changing realms of technology, perception of the IT industry as a business is also changing. People are opening up to the idea of a more globalized business. According to this evolution of needs, the purpose of business management is also changing. Unlike the past, when IT B schools were restricted to teaching the basics of earning profits, the MBA programs of present day are focused on implementing a more holistic approach. There is a mix of industry interface and academic training that goes hand in hand to ensure that students pursuing part time MBA or full time MBA programs never face a dearth of knowledge.

Amongst the present lot of options being offered by business schools in India, the MBA in ITBM is emerging to be one of the most preferred options. The reason for this growing preference is the importance of the program being realized by the business world. At one point of time the best of IT B schools barely thought of going beyond the usual classroom approach and even the industry believed in their module of teaching. However, the present times are different. Today, the industry does not have the time or patience to sit and teach every student. Therefore, they prefer a program which is a holistic training module. In simple terms, this means that even when the students are learning in the classroom, they are having ample exposure to the industry happenings.

In fact, these days the practical training is given more importance than any theoretical approach. After all, the real learning starts only when students step out of the cozy confines of the classroom. Given this situation, Symbiosis institutes come across as the best possible option because of their consistent emphasis on the balance of industry interface and classroom training. Even in case of information technology, Symbiosis’s MBA in ITBM is one of the most well balanced programs currently available as an option to the thousands of aspirants.

With an easy to apply process and an authentic merit based admission procedure, this program gives an equal chance to all those who are interested to come forth and prove their interest in the domain. Starting with the SNAP test, students applying to SCIT have to clear the eligibility criteria along with getting good numbers in their entrance exams as well. Once the SNAP results are announced, SCIT admission team shortlists eligible students based on their test score. These students are then invited to the SCIT campus for a round of group discussion and personal interview making it easier for the experts to judge their different set of skills.

In fact, the comprehensive admission procedure gives the students a chance to open their minds and share thoughts on crucial issues thereby allowing the experts to analyze them on multiple aspects. Finally, the list of admitted students is declared and those making it through the final few have all the reason to celebrate for being admitted into one of the best IT B schools in the country. 


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