Why doing an MBA in Symbiosis can help you?

If you have graduated from a good school and are still unable to find a place in the industry, the reason is simple; you still need to do your post graduation. Currently, one of the fastest growing fields is of information technology and therefore you will find a beeline of aspirants wanting to pursue business management in this domain. However, you need to understand that it is important to do the MBA from any of the IT B schools will not serve the purpose. You need to enroll yourself into reputed business schools like SCIT in order to get yourself the prestigious MBA in Symbiosis tag. After all, this degree not only adds weight to your resume but also gives you the much needed holistic exposure that makes you a preferred candidate for recruitment. 


Symbiosis Center of Information and Technology, Pune is one of the best IT B schools in the country when it comes to pursuing the MBA in ITBM program. From the best of faculty to the finest of training module, SCIT offers it all ensuring that students get to make the most of their aspiration to pursue postgraduate training in the domain of information technology. Carrying forth the legacy established by the MBA in Symbiosis program, the post graduation course conducted by SCIT is in line with the levels of excellence established by the experts at Symbiosis.

Blending IT with management

Till a long time, Information technology was perceived to be an all techie field with no need for anyone with managerial training. However, with the increasing spread of commercialization, this perception started to change and today even the IT industry is creating plenty of jobs for managers. In the present scenario, there are very few business schools like SCIT that pay heed to the requirement of the industry and accordingly develop MBA programs that add value to the academic qualification of the students.

Industry interface

IT B schools often neglect the need of industry interface programs and therefore students may have all the bookish knowledge but fail miserably when it comes to developing the technical expertise. Basis this feedback from the industry, business schools like SCIT take extra care to include mandatory industry interface options as part of their MBA programs. The mandatory industry interface includes internship, practicing industry projects and even attending expert lectures. As a result of the consistent endeavor, students passing out of SCIT are able to develop the technical expertise and the right aptitude making them preferred candidates.

Special experts’ sessions

Teachers coming to teach you is a common phenomenon at any of the business schools, isn’t it? But learning at the hands of industry experts is an all together different experience. Being one of the leading business schools of the country, SCIT takes the extra effort to invite industry experts to conduct special sessions for all its students giving them a chance to learn through first hand experiences. All this and much more make learning fun at SCIT.


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