Symbiosis Centre for Information & Technology

Located in the heart of Pune, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology is one of the most famous institutes when it comes to pursuing an MBA in IT business management. From state of the art infrastructure to world class facilities and of course a picturesque campus, students are given access to every facility in order to enable them to learn better. In addition to the classroom training, SCIT also encourages research and corporate interface programs as a regular feature. After all, learning need not be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. This is what the experts at SCIT believe. The best in class pedagogy at SCIT functions in accordance to the needs of the industry. Yes! Everything from the training technique to the teaching curriculum is carefully organized in order to ensure that while the students learn, the faculty is also keeping them abreast with the latest changes in the industry.

About the program

For those who don’t know, the MBA in ITBM is a two year full time residential option where students are given a complete exposure of the latest happenings in the IT industry. Additionally, they are also given a unique opportunity to understand the application of managerial principles to the IT industry. This in turn helps them evolve into better managers. Being well versed with the challenges of the corporate world, the students who are once naïve become fully equipped to handle their roles as future managers.

What is the admission procedure?

In line with the admission process of other Symbiosis colleges, SCIT takes in students through the centralized SNAP test procedure. Students have to register for SNAP, post which they will have to separately apply to SCIT as well. This will ensure that when the SNAP score is out, your score reaches SCIT. Those eligible to go beyond this stage are invited to the SCIT campus for further interview and group discussion rounds.

Do I need to prepare?

Making it to the eligible students list at SCIT is not enough. If you want to realize your dreams of building a strong career, we would advise you to focus on preparing for the group discussion and personal interview phase as well. Read up as much as you can about the latest events in the industry. You need not know everything in-depth but still having a rough idea will surely make things simpler.

On the D day

When you are invited for the personal interview and group discussion phase, try to keep your interactions as realistic as possible. Don’t bluff answers because the people sitting there are experts and understand when you try to fool them. What’s more is that if your bluff is caught, it ends up putting a really bad impression and could ruin your chances forever. Instead, when you don’t know things, just accept your inability to answer and show the willingness to move on. You may find it hard to believe but this is an important managerial trait.

Be confident, stay calm and you will be able to get your thoughts together before you answer any question.


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