Five things to know about SCIT

Located in the Oxford of East as Pune is often called, SCIT comes across as a premier institute when it comes to pursuing an MBA in relatively niche domain like Information Technology. Carefully putting together a curriculum that is inspired from the latest and most relevant events of the industry, SCIT is amongst the few institutes in the country that succeeds to give students a comprehensive view of the industry. This in turn helps them to evolve into better managers. The transform from naïve students to professional managers is not easy. But with SCIT’s holistic curriculum, this transition happens smoothly and effectively. This is what makes it one of the best places to pursue the program.

With the admission season just round the corner, a lot of students may have harboured aspirations to get into SCIT considering that it is one of the most reputed B schools of the country. However, do you know what the SCIT campus has in store? Apart from great education, SCIT makes it a point to provide students with every facility that contributes towards creating the conducive learning environment for students.

Here is a brief preview

Lot of hard work

When you enrol into a post graduate program, the ultimate motive is to get you to work hard, learn fast and evolve into managers, isn’t it? The life at SCIT will not be any different. However, the hard work here means working on assignments, real time projects, etc. which will help you broaden your ability to think. In simple terms, you will be trained to be a manager and the training is so accurate that when you end up as a real manager, you will realize that the pressure is easy to handle.

Fun times as well

Life at SCIT is not just about studies. Students get several opportunities to let their hair down and enjoy. There are college fests, celebrations and a lot more happening where students are included as an active part of the entire organization and given equal opportunity to enjoy as well.

Industry training

If you haven’t had it so far, your very first experience in a managerial role will happen during the industry training program at SCIT. This is a mandatory corporate interface module that is carefully incorporated to help students enhance their learning abilities. In addition to teaching you, this learning opportunity also to establish your very first contacts in the industry that can be utilized even at a later stage.

Complete support from faulty

At SCIT, the focus is on giving students quality education at an affordable price. Therefore, the faculty is always available for any support that is needed. Even when students have a doubt, they can comfortably approach the faculty and get it resolved. Needless to say, the faculty is highly qualified. In fact, some of them are seasoned academicians with loads of relevant industry experience. Sometimes, SCIT also invites experts from the industry to be a part of this teaching so that students get to learn from their insights as well.


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