Balancing work and play at SCIT

The Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology is one of the top notch institutions when it comes to learning the nuances of information technology. IT is growing at a fast pace and the need of the hour is professionals who are willing to come up front and take these challenges. Given this situation, SCIT takes the initiative of conducting the MBA program in a manner that educates students and gives them the much needed academic edge over the competitors. For those who are wondering how SCIT reached such heights. The answer is simple. Known for its dedication, the institute has struggled hard and continues to strive to exceed milestones when it comes to academic excellence.

Here is a brief preview of key factors that make the course at SCIT a more affordable, doable and viable option for aspirants.

Not just in the class

Restricting yourself to the classroom teaching can be criminal, especially when you are pursuing the post-graduate program. At SCIT, students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom learning. From research to live projects, students are asked to pursue opportunities that help them enhance their learning. In fact, industry training is mandatory when you are pursuing the Executive MBA at SCIT.

Learn from experts

Students at SCIT get to learn from experts. Some are seasoned academicians while others are industry experts. As part of its curriculum, SCIT invites industry experts to talk to students. The whole purpose of such series is to help students broaden their learning horizons and grasp concepts that are relevant to the growth of the industry.

State of the art facility

SCIT invites students to study amidst state of the art facility. There is a well-equipped library that students can refer to. Even the teachers are available to help the students whenever required. Additionally, the institution uses latest techniques that help students to learn faster and better.

Placement support

When it comes to an MBA program, it is obvious for people considering the return on investment. However, this return on investment, is not a money back guarantee. It is the placement or career growth opportunities that you will get. SCIT offers you all the required placement support that helps students achieve the return on the money that you invest in the pursuit of your post-graduation program.

Excellent location

Students don’t learn until they are given a comforting environment. SCIT takes care to provide this environment to the students. The hostels are well-equipped. In fact, SCIT also hosts several events. These events are organized entirely by students. Additionally, this is the one platform where students get the unique opportunity to de-stress themselves. Believe it or not, this helps in keeping the students calm and therefore enhance their learning abilities.

Aspiring for a career in MBA in IT is not wrong. However, if you are planning to realize this dream, ensure that you are pursuing the program form a reputed institute like SCIT.


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