One year management program at SCIT

Information Technology is growing at a tremendous pace where there is little space for those who lack the qualification as well as expertise to be a part of this growth story. However, the idea of an MBA in ITBM was not always popular. There was a time when MBA was restricted to being just another course in general management. With the evolution of time and the constantly changing needs of the industry, academicians realized the importance of introducing more specification in the ordinary MBA program. Given this situation, Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology emerged as the first amongst the many institutes to introduce the MBA in ITBM program which was relevant according to the standards of the industry.

Today, the MBA in ITBM has become a benchmark of sorts with fresh graduates from across the country coming forth to realize their dreams by pursuing this program. However, the MBA in ITBM is exclusively for graduates. What about those who are already in the industry? Yes! There are several people who have the relevant experience but lack the qualification. The result is a sorry state of affairs where in spite of the vacancy, people are not able to avail the opportunity since they lack the qualification.

For all the professionals who are struggling through such grim situations, SCIT has introduced the part time MBA program, more popularly known as the executive MBA program. Being a weekend only course, this program ensures that the professional don’t have to give up their job to pursue their academic ambitions. Since the admissions to the program happen on a first cum first serve basis, those interested should apply directly. The shortlisted candidates are invited for the interview and basis the interaction with the panel of experts, there are a few who are admitted into the course.

The executive MBA is for people who are not able to give up their jobs to continue their studies. But, those who have the time, SCIT offers yet another interesting option-the PGDITBM program. The postgraduate diploma is a one year program. In spite of being a comprehensive course, SCIT takes care to include all the details into the program. This in turn ensures that at the end of the course, the participants end up becoming better informed as well as skilled professionals.

Also, unlike the executive MBA option, the PGDITBM requires the students to attend full time. Those interested to pursue the PGDITBM may have to give up their jobs. However, it is totally worth it. First things first, the sabbatical is only for one year. In simple terms, you don’t need to be out of touch from the industry for a very long time.

Even the course is conducted by experts giving the participants a unique chance to learn only from the best. All in all, this is the perfect options for professionals yearning to add the qualification to their resume in order to make use of the plethora of opportunities that the industry offers.


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