SCIT executive MBA: Helping your career flourish

Wondering how to boost your career growth? SCIT’s executive MBA program could be the solution to all your problems. For those who don’t know, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology is an institute located in the heart of Pune that deals exclusively with programs offering specialization in the domain of information technology. IT is growing fast. From being a naïve filed to supporting the economic fabric of India, the industry has undergone a lot of development in the last few years. However, the industry is now in a transition phase. From here on, the growth or downfall is very clearly dependent on the support that it gets.

If you still haven’t figured out, the support in this case means talent. An industry can’t grow without talent. This talent comes from institutions like SCIT that invest paramount efforts in preparing students for a better career in the domain of information technology. While the graduates can decide their career choices, the professionals who are already in the industry are stuck with the choices that they have made. The Symbiosis Centre of Information & Technology Pune has taken up the initiative to help such professionals through its executive MBA program.

What are the advantages?

For starters, the executive MBA program is conducted on weekends, those enrolling for the program don’t need to give up their jobs. This in turn ensures that at the end of the program, participants get to add experience as well as qualification to your resume. Believe it or not, the increased credibility of your resume will help you get better opportunities as well. Also, what happens that as a professional, you rarely get to explore the industry or look at it from a different perspective. But during the executive MBA program, SCIT facilitates interaction with experts which in turn ensures that your thinking abilities are expanding.

Will I be able to study?

When you enrol for an executive MBA program, don’t think that the studies are all about mugging up the details. Instead, it is about understanding concepts, grasping them and accordingly apply them. So, even if you don’t have time to mug up, you will have time to learn and therefore do better.

Return on investment

The executive MBA program is an investment that is ultimately aimed at helping your career to grow faster. Does your choice of institution help you do so? This is something that you must ask when choosing an executive MBA program. Additionally, you are pursuing the program in Pune which is the heart of IT development in India. Studying about the industry and being so close to it ensures that you are abreast with the latest trends.

Give your career, the much needed booster dose with the executive MBA at SCIT. You can send in your applications directly to the SCIT executive MBA office or simply visit for more details.


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