Executive MBA: The changing perspective

Symbiosis Centre For Information and Technology is one of the premier destinations when it comes to pursuing educational courses in the domain of IT. In fact, the holistic training provided by SCIT has helped thousands of students realize their dream of building bright careers in the corporate sector. SCIT started out as an institution offering post-graduation degree in the domain of IT management. However, soon after establishing its expertise, the institute took the next step and also included the executive MBA program in its bouquet of educational courses. Located in the beautiful valley of Pune, the institute specializes in offering a holistic training module. This specialization has been extended to the executive MBA program as well.

While the post-graduation program is for the fresh graduates, the executive MBA is for working professionals. The executive MBA in Pune takes in applicants from the corporate sector. These are actually professionals who have been struggling to go to the next level of their career but are unable to do so simply because they lack the qualification as well as expertise. Through the executive MBA option, such professionals get the unique opportunity to go back to the classrooms and refresh their learning ability by opening their minds to newer concepts. As part of the executive MBA course, they are taught about the latest technology, its impact on the industry and how it will play a key role in shaping the future.

The course is conducted by experts and so the students get to learn from the very best in the industry. However, that’s not the only advantage. While the other MBA programs ask the professionals to give up their well-paying jobs and sit in the classroom on a daily basis, this option is entirely different. The SCIT executive program is conducted only on weekends. Since the weekend only course does not require daily attendance, giving up your job is not needed at all. This also materializes to another benefit wherein you can comfortably earn money, pursue your education and end up with experience as well as expertise that makes you eligible for that much needed jump.

As for the admissions to the program, it happens on a direct application basis. However, there are certain eligibility rules that need to be adhered to. For example, those applying to the executive MBA program should have a work experience of three years or more. This is done because the program has been developed in accordance to the needs of professionals. It will not cover the basics because those who have worked for such a long time in the industry are expected to be familiar with such concepts.

Doing the executive MBA in Symbiosis also comes with an advantage of learning from the best. What’s more is that adding the Symbiosis tag to your resume is what helps your CV make it past a lot of big corporate interview panels.

So, be a part of the educated and skilled workforce and leverage the most of the executive MBA program by enrolling yourself at SCIT today!


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