SCIT: Your key to success

The Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology is a premiere institute located in the heart of Pune. There was a time when people barely had any options beyond the obvious choice of graduation. However, all this has changed with the coming of SCIT and similar institutes operated by Symbiosis. The entire concept of specialization in an MBA program became a reality with these institutes and continues to be so. At SCIT, the core focus is on offering an MBA in Information Technology. IT, as we all know it is growing fast. The one thing need to support this growth is talent. People who are skilled and capable of taking up the challenging roles that the industry is offering, is what comes across as the primary criteria for recruitment in any IT firm.

Through its holistic education approach, SCIT has been successful in addressing the problem to quite an extent. The academic training involves learning at the hands of experts. Seasoned industry professionals are invited to teach students. The advantage of having industry professionals is that it helps in opening the minds of students to newer concepts. As the experts share insights, it actually opens doors by helping students to understand the multiple facets.

Here are five reasons why being at SCIT can be a complete game changer for your career:

  • Once you learn, you are actually eligible for better job opportunities. What does this mean? Well, for starters, this means that you will get to pursue your dream job. To top it all, since you finally have the experience and expertise, you will become eligible for promotions, perks and of course, a better salary!

  • IT managers is a specialization. The art of general management may seem complete but it does not cover the specifications of the IT industry. Yes! You may find it hard to believe but information technology is an all together different ball game.

  • Symbiosis tag. Post graduation is one thing but doing it from Symbiosis ensures that you are actually getting it from a place that has an industry reputation of creating leaders one after the other. Add the Symbiosis tag to your CV and it will make all the difference that you wanted.

  • More return on investment. Your post-graduation program is actually like an investment. The only way that you will ever be able to earn a return on this investment is by getting a good job through the degree. The money you earn through this job is your return. Studying at Symbiosis actually gives you a chance to earn these returns and a lot more.

For the professionals, the institute also offers an executive MBA program that is conducted only on weekends allowing aspirants to manage their job and their academic interests at the same time. The program is tailor made to suit the needs of professionals and therefore operates independently.


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