How can an MBA in IT empower your resume?

How can an MBA in IT empower your resume?

The domain of information technology is amongst the few industries that has successfully managed to ward off the evil of recession even in the economy’s darkest hour. In fact, the frantic pace of development even in the recessionary phase has created a pool of job opportunities for all those aspiring to build a career in the domain of information technology. However, the way forward requires more than just technical knowledge. People need to understand the importance of blending technical aspects and managerial understanding to propel the domain towards the next stage of growth. If knowing the technicalities helps you accomplish one part of the project, it is the managerial skill that helps in coordinating the multiple tasks to complete the entire project.

This is where the MBA in Information Technology Business Management offered by the Symbiosis Centre for Information in Pune helps students carve a niche for themselves. One of the best institutes in the country when it comes to pursuing post graduate courses in the domain of information technology, SCIT offers part time and full time MBA programs for IT aspirants. The full time MBA program takes in students through SNAP test while the executive MBA program works on direct admission basis.

On completion of the MBA in ITBM, students become eligible for various opportunities including white collared jobs that they were previously being forced to ignore due to lack of qualification. In addition to the roles of project management, the MBA in ITBM can also help in targeting job opportunities at the managerial level. What’s more is that with the Symbiosis tag on your resume, things are considered differently. Symbiosis has a reputation of providing skilled students across various sectors. Often recommended as one of the best institutions for education in the entire country, the Symbiosis tag carries with it an assurance of quality learning which recruiters value the most in prospective employees.

The two year program uses a holistic training module that prepares the students for the road ahead. In addition to the classroom teaching, students also get to indulge in ample amount of industry interface that actually helps in broadening their minds to newer horizons. The regular interactions with expert industry professionals is the bonus that helps in understanding what’s trending and what’s not when it comes to the domain of information technology. Also, these interactions develop amongst the students a hunger to understand better which is what benefits them when they join the industry as thorough professionals.

Additionally, the training comprises of expert faculty coming in from all corners of the country to help the students learn and understand the dynamicity associated with the domain. SCIT also has its dedicated placement cell to help students explore new opportunities and learn better when it comes to making a breakthrough in the industry.

Admissions to the next batch are currently on, interested students can visit to know how they can unlock the plethora of opportunities awaiting them after completing the MBA in ITBM.


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