Management In Information Technology By SCIT

Information Technology deals with the relatively niche domain of applying the latest advancements of technology to connect and network systems. Way back in the 90’s India also experienced an IT boom where the opportunities in the domain of information technology were mushrooming at an uncontrollable pace. However, the IT boom soon settled and with it the opportunities too until like all industries even information technology began to experience the demand for professionally trained managers willing to take up the challenges of the corporate sector.

It is the need for such managerial talent that led to the rise of institutions like SCIT. Located in the heart of Pune, the Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology specialises in offering MBA in Information Technology Business Management. A specialise program develop to cater to the demands of the IT industry, the MBA in ITBM at SCIT is a two year course. The program covers the nuances of information technology and also deals with explaining the importance of applying managerial principles to the domain of IT.

However, the full time MBA in ITBM is not the only course offered by SCIT. The institute also offers an executive MBA program exclusively for professionals. The unique program also helps professionals to learn more about the practical importance of managerial principles for better development of their respective departments.

While admission to the full time MBA program are done through the professional SNAP test, the executive MBA takes applications directly. However, in each case, students are required to present their qualifications to justify the application. Additionally, all interested applicants have to go through a process of group discussion and personal interview before the institute declares the final list of admitted students.

Career opportunities after MBA in ITBM

One of the major concern for any students applying to any MBA program is to be able to figure out the return on the money invested in education. At reputed institutions like SCIT, all eligible students are given required placement assistance. Unlike other B schools, SCIT emphasises on training students for the placement sessions. This is in addition to a dedicated placement cell that focuses on sourcing the best possible placement opportunities for its students. Every year, leading placement companies are invited to the campus to recruit students.

Here again, the faculty also intervene to help students to prepare for the interview and other placement related procedures that follow.

Am I eligible?

As for the eligibility of the SCIT MBA program, it is best advised to carefully go through the conditions specified on the SCIT portal. For any queries, students can also get in touch with the admission cell or simply write to the college authorities for guidance. With regards to the executive MBA program at SCIT, admissions are announced on the website itself. Therefore, interested students should get in touch with the college authorities for more details.


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