MBA in ITBM: Your Chance To Grow

A few years ago India experienced the IT boom when there was a sudden rise in the number of students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in information technology. Once again, India is on the brink of experiencing the IT boom. Are you ready to make the most of this spurge in growth? If the answer to this question is yes, the one thing that you need to understand is that the only way to avail these opportunities is to enter the domain with the required qualification and expertise.

This is where reputed institutions like SCIT come into the picture. Yes! SCIT or the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology located in the heart of Pune, this institution holds the credit of being one of the most preferred choices for post graduate study in the domain of information technology.

The holistic education approach is what makes the program a worth choice for the students. Additionally, the institution provides placement assistance. For students, this is an excellent opportunity. After all, it gives them the first break in the industry. Plus since the training is in accordance to the industry standards, students find it really easy to adapt.

As part of its holistic approach, SCIT also hosts executive MBA program for professionals. This is another unique initiative that allows professionals to get the required training about the latest developments in the industry. For professionals who are stuck in the same position, this training can actually emerge as the game changer.

More often than not, the reason why people are stuck in the same position is that they don’t possess the required qualification to apply for the higher positions. Well, the executive MBA program can change all of that for you. Also, the whole program is a weekend only affair. This actually means that the participants don’t have to bother about leaving their job to pursue their academic interests.

Admissions to both programs are done separately. However, a common link between the two is that the students get the best in class training. Prior to the admission, students have to appear for a personal interview that is actually a means to justify their interest in the domain.

Information technology is soon to be one of the most happening sectors. Entering the domain with the right qualification is what will help you break the glass ceiling and get the required growth. At SCIT, you get a chance to fulfil your aspirations of building a rewarding career in the domain of information technology.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get ready for the next phase of IT boom in the country, equip yourself with the right qualification and then there will be no looking back.


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