SCIT: 5 reasons why the MBA in IT is your future!

The MBA in IT program by Symbiosis Centre for Information & Technology, Pune is an excellent option for those who aspire to build a career in Information Technology. The program focuses on training students in a manner that they are better equipped to handle the challenges as future managers.
From inviting expert faculty to using the best possible tools and techniques, the experts leave no stone unturned to help the students learn in a better way. The program at SCIT is specifically developed keeping in mind the needs and demands of the industry. For instance, there was a time when Information Technology was naïve and the information needed was superficial. That time has now changed.
The current focus is on understanding the industry in greater depth and inculcating within the professional, a desire to learn better. In line with the other MBA in Symbiosis, the program works towards developing the learning abilities of the participants. It is one of its kind effort that uses a module supported by the industry for maximum learning.
From seeking industry feedback to introducing participants to the new and trending concepts, the post graduation program at SCIT takes care of every detail. Now, here is a look at five reasons why the MBA in IT by SCIT is the best career option for you:
You get training at the world class Symbiosis institutes. World over, Symbiosis is reputed for conducting programs that are in tandem with the standards set by the industry. Students trained at SCIT are better prepared to adapt their skills to the changing methods of the industry.
Learn with expert faculties at SCIT. Yes! All faculty coming in at SCIT has an extensive work portfolio in the industry. This gives students a chance to broaden their learning and even adapt to new concepts.
Practical training is a part of the course. Unlike a lot of the reputed institutes in the country, SCIT makes it mandatory to involve themselves in practical training to students. This actually helps them understand the concepts in greater detail and contributes to their transformation into a better professional.
Not just professional training for post-graduation programs, SCIT also conducts the executive MBA which is for professionals. Yes! Even professionals can benefit from the executive MBA training and actually give their career the much required boost.
Faculty assistance to help students make the right choice. Building a career in IT is not an easy job. But with the guidance of the expert faculty at SCIT, students can make an informed decision and be sure of following the career of their choice.
Admissions to the MBA program are conducted through the SNAP test but for the executive MBA, students can submit their application directly to the admission cell.
For more details on the admission process, information on course, etc. please visit


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