Thinking about MBA in Information Technology Management?

Have you ever thought about pursuing an MBA in Information technology in Pune? Of course, you must have! Pune is well-known for being a city of educational institutes. It has been branded as the Oxford of East due to a host of academic streams it offers to students. Right from the foundation courses in the fields of engineering, medical, commerce to aviation, sports, hospitality, the education system of the city offers a set of varied career opportunities.

In addition to being a center of attraction for the students who wish to strengthen their academic roots, Pune is also an excellent place to earn a masters education degree. There are hundreds of colleges in the city which offer postgraduate level education, but just a handful of them actually hold the flag of academic excellence. One of the institute names that are often associated with a paramount quality in education is Symbiosis College of Information Technology.

A bit about SCIT:

SCIT Pune is considered to be among the pioneer institutes in management education domain. Established in the year 1999, SCIT laid the foundation of Information Technology Management training & initiated the grooming of technically dexterous management personnel. The college has been a beacon for graduates with a degree in the field of technology, which leads them to excellent career opportunities. In addition to the bright career prospects, students also get a hyper-focused learning experience while they are a part of SCIT.

The core idea of the college is to strive for making a paradigm switch from the traditional exam orientated teaching to a more knowledge oriented one. The institute firmly believes in consolidation of the core elements of academic rigor and academic discipline. The synergistic alliance of both with aspects like research, student orientation, brand-building, corporate interface and process automation helps mold the students into business leaders.

The Need of Information Technology Management:

As a generation in 20th century, we have seen technology taking revolutionary leaps with time. With the innovation of new technology, businesses have become increasingly dependent upon information technology. Technology has greatly influenced business on a number of fronts such as productivity, efficiency, quality, execution, etc. However, technology can only benefit someone when it is managed efficiently. Thus, the need of managers who can understand the capabilities & limitations of information technology in order to use it best for organization’s improvement.

The Ideal Place for IT Management Education:

The program for MBA in Information Management at SCIT Pune offers several specializations to choose from. Aspirants can specialize in Systems, Information Security Management, Software Solution Management, IT Infrastructure Management and Data Science.

The multifaceted nature of the program structure at SCIT also makes it an ideal destination for the IT professionals who are looking forward to doing an Executive MBA in Pune. It will not only boost their careers but also open new vistas of knowledge which can lead to excellent growth opportunities.

Come & join SCIT if you are looking for such opportunities and reach new heights of your career!


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