Doing a Data Analytics from SCIT? We are here to guide you!

Managing an IT business is known to require a type of expertise that is far removed from the one sought by other businesses. This is primarily because IT businesses have to deal with large scale technological upheavals and system-wide changes unlike those experienced in any other industry. The ability to handle and manage these changes effectively is the hallmark of a true manager or leader who is suitable for the IT industry. If you too are planning to join the ranks of these managers and leaders by becoming a part of the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, you’re in luck. Come join us on a journey into exploring the Post Graduate Programme in IT Business Management at SCIT, an excellent place to do an MBA in Data Analytics and Data Sciences in Pune!

What is the objective of this course?

This course primarily exists to develop business management professionals who are equipped to handle the versatile requirements of the IT industry while being able to address niche areas and domains in the ever transitioning IT business. The course is essentially a two-year, full-time residential programme for graduates and working professionals.

What can I expect from this course?

The first benefit of this course is the way in which the courses are conducted by full time faculty experts and industry experts with years upon years of work experience behind them. Secondly, the course comes with value added certifications the likes of ITIL and Six Sigma. There is also an active placement cell wherein students are headed by a qualified placement officer. This officer mainly exists to assist all of the existing full-time students with their placements.

Mainly focused upon IT security and systems, the course fast-tracks learning to help students truly understand and pick up all skills necessary in the field of IT Security and Business Management. Besides this, the course also provides students with an opportunity to learn and understand the ERP (SAP) system.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of SCIT, one of the highest rated institutes chosen by management students for pursuing an MBA in Pune. We wish you a truly long and fulfilling career ahead!


IT Management: The Key to Improving Product Development

How does an idea turn into a brilliant product?’
Most of the people will say through tenacity, dedication, innovation & persistence. While all of them are fine answers, the first step towards an idea transpiring into a product is analysis. Analysis tells us what is the problem that needs to be solved? Analysis is the step which leads us towards innovation. Through analysis only can one achieve the sweet balance between the client requirement & product development.
In this article, we will discuss how SWOT analysis can help you enhance your product development cycle & deliver extraordinary results.
What is SWOT Analysis?
It is an acronym which is comprised of four words namely:
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
The purpose of SWOT analysis is to help you develop a strong business strategy. SWOT analysis encompasses scrutinizing your business strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results of the analysis, you can take strategic steps to better exploit any promising opportunities in the marketplace, while tackling possible threats.
The concepts on which SWOT Analysis functions can also be applied to enhance product development. It’s an integral part of the planning & execution strategy when it comes to IT management. In fact, there are a few colleges for MBA in Information technology in Punewhich provide specific education on how to develop IT strategies using SWOT Analysis.
Let’s take a look at the individual aspects of SWOT analysis to better understand how it impacts the product development in an IT project.
Strengths describe all the positive attributes, tangible and intangible bothof your organization. Understanding the strengths you have is important for you, because those are the aspects you will be banking on for product development. Asking yourself following questions can help you get an apt output-
  1. What are you good at doing?
  2. Do you have any edge over your competition?
Just like the strengths, one should also confront their weaknesses bluntly. Identifying & eliminating your weaknesses drives internal improvement. Ask yourself these questions to find them out-
  1. What are the ares in which you need to improve?
  2. What is it that your company/ team lacks?
Opportunities arise due to the external factors which you may not be able to control but can very well benefit from them. Identification of lucrative opportunities offers a chance to prosper your business. You can reflect on following points to recognize possible opportunities:
  1. Which are the bright opportunities in your business area?
  2. Which is the most critical timing to best exploit an opportunity, if any?
Threats are the unknown & uncontrollable factors which have the potential to put your strategy & hence, the business at risk. To stay ahead of them, you need to:
  1. Study existing/ potential competition in market
  2. Identify threatening situations
Thus, if you are a professional in IT field, then an Executive MBA in Pune can definitely help you in enhancing your IT Management skills and consequently, deliver better products.

Which is the best career option in today’s data-driven business world?

On 10th of August, 2017 the Governor of Alabama Mr Kay Ivey from the United States sanctioned a $1.8 million plan to improve the traffic safety. The plan is to use new digital tools and data collection efforts in order to stop a surge of traffic fatalities throughout the state. That’s a steep investment of around Rs. 18 lakhs which has been done for the sole purpose of utilizing data and reduce the traffic related issues & fatalities.

Even though this news is from a different continent, the importance of data is of crucial value across the globe. Especially in today’s business world in which the decisions are driven by data-oriented strategies. Over the last decade, there has been a massive explosion in terms of data, generated & retained both. It is often referred to as ‘Big Data’! It is essentially stacks of extremely large data sets which can be analyzed in order to find out patterns, trends, associations, etc. The main purpose of scrubbing such a massive amount of data is to figure out human behavior and interactions. But how can one acquire the skills to analyze data? The answer to that question is to pursue an MBA in data sciences and data analytics from a reputed college.

Pursuing a post-graduation in Data Science enables you to become a Data Scientist, which is one of the most attractive & lucrative career options in 21st century. We reside in a world where every little decision we make is driven by data. May it be picking which movie to see over the weekend or which shoes to buy. Our purchase behaviors are driven by the product ratings that are shown next to every product on every single e-commerce website. Modern businesses use the data they gain through people’s digital activities to improve & expedite the buying cycle. And it is a data scientist who analyzes the patterns which emerge from the data.

Data Scientists are extremely valuable assets for any company who deals with digital transactions or practices. There are several ways in which data scientists add value to an organization.

  1. They improve the decision making capabilities of the company management

  2. They lay the blueprint of organizational goals according to the trends

  3. They help in identifying lucrative business opportunities

  4. They promote the adoption of best & most effective practices which in turn enhance the business

The field of Business intelligence is expanding by leaps and bounds because it is an aggressive tool that helps companies in making smart & efficient decisions. In times like these, acquiring the necessary education & become a data scientist is very beneficial. For those who are interested in exploiting such an excellent career prospect and pursue MBA in Pune, Symbiosis College of Information Technology is the most suitable college.

Thinking about MBA in Information Technology Management?

Have you ever thought about pursuing an MBA in Information technology in Pune? Of course, you must have! Pune is well-known for being a city of educational institutes. It has been branded as the Oxford of East due to a host of academic streams it offers to students. Right from the foundation courses in the fields of engineering, medical, commerce to aviation, sports, hospitality, the education system of the city offers a set of varied career opportunities.

In addition to being a center of attraction for the students who wish to strengthen their academic roots, Pune is also an excellent place to earn a masters education degree. There are hundreds of colleges in the city which offer postgraduate level education, but just a handful of them actually hold the flag of academic excellence. One of the institute names that are often associated with a paramount quality in education is Symbiosis College of Information Technology.

A bit about SCIT:

SCIT Pune is considered to be among the pioneer institutes in management education domain. Established in the year 1999, SCIT laid the foundation of Information Technology Management training & initiated the grooming of technically dexterous management personnel. The college has been a beacon for graduates with a degree in the field of technology, which leads them to excellent career opportunities. In addition to the bright career prospects, students also get a hyper-focused learning experience while they are a part of SCIT.

The core idea of the college is to strive for making a paradigm switch from the traditional exam orientated teaching to a more knowledge oriented one. The institute firmly believes in consolidation of the core elements of academic rigor and academic discipline. The synergistic alliance of both with aspects like research, student orientation, brand-building, corporate interface and process automation helps mold the students into business leaders.

The Need of Information Technology Management:

As a generation in 20th century, we have seen technology taking revolutionary leaps with time. With the innovation of new technology, businesses have become increasingly dependent upon information technology. Technology has greatly influenced business on a number of fronts such as productivity, efficiency, quality, execution, etc. However, technology can only benefit someone when it is managed efficiently. Thus, the need of managers who can understand the capabilities & limitations of information technology in order to use it best for organization’s improvement.

The Ideal Place for IT Management Education:

The program for MBA in Information Management at SCIT Pune offers several specializations to choose from. Aspirants can specialize in Systems, Information Security Management, Software Solution Management, IT Infrastructure Management and Data Science.

The multifaceted nature of the program structure at SCIT also makes it an ideal destination for the IT professionals who are looking forward to doing an Executive MBA in Pune. It will not only boost their careers but also open new vistas of knowledge which can lead to excellent growth opportunities.

Come & join SCIT if you are looking for such opportunities and reach new heights of your career!

Expand Your Career Scope With An MBA (ITBM) Course At SCIT!

Looking for an educational qualification that would allow you to get a thorough understanding of the world of Information Technology management? We recommend that you check out SCIT (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology) Pune; an institute driven towards creating and nurturing the very best of IT management talent in our country.

Why choose SCIT?

As a constituent of the Symbiosis International University that is over a decade old, SCIT continues to play a pioneering role in the nurturing of quality IT professionals in order to inspire promising IT leadership of the future. The institute endeavors to consistently transform and challenge students with a bid to convert them into proactive leaders and decision makers.

Along with the aforementioned, the institution contributes greatly towards knowledge creation, value-based learning, and cross cultural understanding; all while helping its students develop global competencies. Here’s a look at one of their most coveted course offerings, the MBA in Information Technology (ITBM course):

MBA (ITBM) courses offered by SCIT:

Given below is a comprehensive list of the MBA (ITBM) courses taught here:

  1. Systems Specialization:

The course blends technology with business in order to simultaneously help resolve most of the complex problems that affect both fields. It promotes the application of strategies which are of use in developing innovative business ideas and complex yet useful IT methodologies. The purpose of this program is to create professionals who can easily capture the core needs of a business and develop handy technological solutions to meet those needs.

  1. Information Security Management:

This is the first Indian program that had its curriculum approved by the ISACA Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control, 3rd Edition. The program deals with managing risks that come with organizations growing beyond their traditional boundaries and expanding rapidly. The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the present-day IT environment that has a variety of operating systems, applications, databases, servers and services to contend with.

  1. Software Solutions Management:

IT businesses encounter a variety of problems on a day-to-day basis. In order to resolve them rapidly and smoothly, it is essential to have a proper understanding of technology as well as management principles. SSM (Software Solutions Management) students are specifically trained to handle such issues while being able to seamlessly provide end-to-end business software solutions for large scale IT organizations.

  1. IT Infrastructure Management:

Managing information flow within an organization can be a tricky task. As a result, SCIT developed a special curriculum that gives students a sound understanding of designing, planning, deployment and monitoring of a variety of support modules designed to deal with information flow based complications and complexities in major IT organizations.

  1. Data Science:

This subject stream helps students determine the best ways to extract usable knowledge from raw, unprocessed data. The course attempts to expand upon the work of data scientists while equipping students with the ability to articulate the said output. The course is designed keeping in mind the needs of Banks, Educational Institutes, Manufacturing Agencies, Computer Services, Retail Services, Insurance Sectors and Healthcare Sectors among other industries.

With the IT industry on a growth upswing, the right time to join the MBA (ITBM) course at SCIT is right now. We hope you found our advice useful for pursuing an MBA in Pune!

Are you looking forward to doing an executive MBA? Consider SCIT!

Symbiosis College of Information Technology in Pune, is perhaps the most well-known & sought after college for MBA in technology. This institute has established itself to be the flag bearer of quality business education not just in India but across the world. Established in the year 1999, the institute will be completing its 26th year of operations in 2017, leaving a long & prestigious legacy across almost a span of three decades. The college boasts of an alumni base of thousands of people who are now among the predominant industry leaders in the IT sector. It is a prestigious college especially in the telecommunications domain with its alumni present across all branded several multinational companies. The list of colleges who offer MBA in Pune has always been crowned by SCIT as the Institute offers students the education they need for academic excellence and getting industry proficient.

AT SCIT, students are educated to be innovative, socially responsible, ethically engaged and globally informed. The aim of MBA is to guide students in delving deep into a number of business streams and fields like accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, business strategies and the list goes on. The institute strives to install a solid foundation of all the major business functions. SCIT offers a hospitable environment to its students by giving them the freedom to comb through the troves of opportunities. Every year thousands of students from different parts of the world come to India to gain knowledge, wisdom and great career opportunities.

Understanding that the purpose of any MBA is to promote continuous professional development, SCIT offers the best Executive MBA in Pune. The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to develop their career and remove any progression ceilings caused by a lack of academic management experience. SCIT is a big believer in maintaining a progressive trajectory. Their pedagogy & faculty, all are directed towards enhancing the skills of the students which will enhance their overall career prospects.

It’s not possible for everyone to complete their studies in the traditional time frame. We all know that the world we live in a fast-paced environment. Things move faster than we can cope-up with sometimes and sometimes. For some people, it is a swift move which starts from high school and ends at graduation or post-graduation in a proper time frame. However, for some of them it can be an uphill battle. Reasons can vary from being a financial crunch, family responsibilities, personal commitments towards work or even physical & mental disabilities. What matters is people’s will to excel in careers. SCIT’s Executive MBA in Pune is especially for those people who want to boost their career trajectory & move up in the corporate ladder.

SCIT: Flagbearers of ‘IT Management’ Revolution In India!

MBA is the talk of the town these days. One can see every tom, dick and harry pursue the once coveted degree to leap into the world of opportunities. With the mundane specializations, individuals are slowly realizing that there is a void in their education despite finishing the most decorated management degree. It is during times like these that one needs to reconsider the aspects as to why a management degree was pursued in the first place. More than often, upon contemplation, individuals realize that MBA programs can be put to its best use when they are matched with a certain degree of technical expertise, which at the moment is in its nascent stage in India. Educational institutions and B-Schools across the country are aiming at bridging the gap by introducing specialized management programs that amalgamate both technical and business expertise.

Once an individual climbs the ladder of corporate success, he/she is expected to be adept in both the technical and marketing aspects of the job to be able to lead the team efficiently. The need for team leaders and managers who are adept in all these aspect in the field of IT has given rise to programs like the MBA in IT and MBA in Data Sciences & Data Analytics. Tapping this requirement is the highly reputed Symbiosis International University which has introduced the highly ranked Symbiosis Center for Information & Technology.

If one looks at the global MBA scenario, one can see that almost 13% of the administrative jobs in the industry are pertaining to the field of IT. It is evident that businesses run on information, and in today’s dynamic world, this information is shared through technology, thereby explaining this rising demand of IT. With surging programs like the ones being offered at SCIT, one can be assured of seeing a rising scope in this arena, given the astonishing rise of IT industry in India. While every MBA program has the core philosophy of training the students in strategy, management, and economics; one can see a changing line of subjects in the MBA programs offered at SCIT. By keeping a regular check on the latest trends and advancement in technologies, SCIT constantly revamps its management programs to cater to the current demands of the industry. With SCIT being one of the top IT B-Schools in the country, students can be assured of integrating technology & business management into an advanced graduate program.

Thanks to all these facets, SCIT provides one of the finest management programs with exemplary placement services making it one of the most sought after B-Schools in the country.