The Ins&Outs Of Executive MBA

There is no dearth of people who plan to take their career further with an executive MBA. It is an accelerated version of MBA that aims to give required support and training to those executives who have already climbed to the executive level in their respective organizations. The only issue that exists in this pretext is that pursuers sometimes lack decisiveness and aren’t sure how an executive MBA will help in solidifying their position. If you belong to the same club, here are a few reasons that will clarify whether you should be in or out of such program.


The biggest reason why you should be in this program is the star it will add in your profile. Employers, usually love to hire those executives who have a post-graduate diploma or equivalent certification in executive management. Even if there is no such requirement, signing up for any such program will prove to your boss how far you are willing to go to move ahead in your career. Other than that, the training session in this kind of MBA will definitely help in moving up your skill and adaptation level. Your dexterity and higher knowledge can grant you the required edge over your competitors. You can claim better leadership skills and a salary hike in much more confident way than others. Executive MBA programs are designed keeping in view the fundamental requirements of executives’ roles and responsibilities. It means there is flexibility in terms of class timings and you can adhere to your job while pursuing the degree. There are lots of institutes across India that offer executive MBA programs. For example, if you are looking to pursue executive MBA from Pune, there are a number of colleges you can sign up for. There are world renowned universities and colleges like Symbiosis International University that are headquartered in this leading IT city. You can always take admission for IT based executive MBA in Symbiosis and take care of your job in the same place.


The only con associated with these types of courses is that they steal a lot of time from your personal life. So, it is advised to pursue any such arrangement with a lot of planing for time management. If you are still worried, you can always ask your office to consider your situation and give you some relaxation. There are many employers who understand the significance of this degree and are ready to give required support to their employees.

MBA in ITBM: Your Chance To Grow

A few years ago India experienced the IT boom when there was a sudden rise in the number of students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in information technology. Once again, India is on the brink of experiencing the IT boom. Are you ready to make the most of this spurge in growth? If the answer to this question is yes, the one thing that you need to understand is that the only way to avail these opportunities is to enter the domain with the required qualification and expertise.

This is where reputed institutions like SCIT come into the picture. Yes! SCIT or the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology located in the heart of Pune, this institution holds the credit of being one of the most preferred choices for post graduate study in the domain of information technology.

The holistic education approach is what makes the program a worth choice for the students. Additionally, the institution provides placement assistance. For students, this is an excellent opportunity. After all, it gives them the first break in the industry. Plus since the training is in accordance to the industry standards, students find it really easy to adapt.

As part of its holistic approach, SCIT also hosts executive MBA program for professionals. This is another unique initiative that allows professionals to get the required training about the latest developments in the industry. For professionals who are stuck in the same position, this training can actually emerge as the game changer.

More often than not, the reason why people are stuck in the same position is that they don’t possess the required qualification to apply for the higher positions. Well, the executive MBA program can change all of that for you. Also, the whole program is a weekend only affair. This actually means that the participants don’t have to bother about leaving their job to pursue their academic interests.

Admissions to both programs are done separately. However, a common link between the two is that the students get the best in class training. Prior to the admission, students have to appear for a personal interview that is actually a means to justify their interest in the domain.

Information technology is soon to be one of the most happening sectors. Entering the domain with the right qualification is what will help you break the glass ceiling and get the required growth. At SCIT, you get a chance to fulfil your aspirations of building a rewarding career in the domain of information technology.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get ready for the next phase of IT boom in the country, equip yourself with the right qualification and then there will be no looking back.

Courses specifically modulated for IT Business Managers

The Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is a constituent of the globally acclaimed Symbiosis International University of Pune. The institute is located in the Hinjewadi area of Pune which is the hub for IT Business in the city. The institute was conceptualized for catering to the growing demand of managers who have IT specialization with a funneled attention on IT Security and Systems. The curriculum for MBA in IT and other programs at the institute is delivered in the modern classrooms with latest audio-visual equipment to facilitate the learning.

The institute has the best possible location for a business school which specializes in training Business Managers for the IT industry as the campus is surrounded by the campuses of industrial giants like Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, etc. When it comes to IT B Schools, the name of SCIT pops up first in mind if you speak with the IT professionals living around Pune. The institute offers MBA IT for which the candidate needs to appear in SNAP. The Executive MBA requires minimum 3 years of experience in an organization of repute and doesn’t need SNAP score. The one year PGPITBM doesn’t require you to appear in SNAP too but a job experience of minimum 18 months in IT or related domain is asked for.

The Executive MBA in Pune campus of SCIT is a fine opportunity for working professionals seeking to climb up the hierarchical ladder. There shouldn’t be any doubt in the applicant’s mind about his/her future while applying for the various management programs at SCIT. The institute is constantly ranked among the best options for an MBA in Pune by various reviewers and has an exceptional placement record. However, we wouldn’t want you to seek a place in the institute for these reasons; avid interest in the field of managing IT will be the most befitting reason to us.

Admissions are now open for various management programs at SCIT.

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Management In Information Technology By SCIT

Information Technology deals with the relatively niche domain of applying the latest advancements of technology to connect and network systems. Way back in the 90’s India also experienced an IT boom where the opportunities in the domain of information technology were mushrooming at an uncontrollable pace. However, the IT boom soon settled and with it the opportunities too until like all industries even information technology began to experience the demand for professionally trained managers willing to take up the challenges of the corporate sector.

It is the need for such managerial talent that led to the rise of institutions like SCIT. Located in the heart of Pune, the Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology specialises in offering MBA in Information Technology Business Management. A specialise program develop to cater to the demands of the IT industry, the MBA in ITBM at SCIT is a two year course. The program covers the nuances of information technology and also deals with explaining the importance of applying managerial principles to the domain of IT.

However, the full time MBA in ITBM is not the only course offered by SCIT. The institute also offers an executive MBA program exclusively for professionals. The unique program also helps professionals to learn more about the practical importance of managerial principles for better development of their respective departments.

While admission to the full time MBA program are done through the professional SNAP test, the executive MBA takes applications directly. However, in each case, students are required to present their qualifications to justify the application. Additionally, all interested applicants have to go through a process of group discussion and personal interview before the institute declares the final list of admitted students.

Career opportunities after MBA in ITBM

One of the major concern for any students applying to any MBA program is to be able to figure out the return on the money invested in education. At reputed institutions like SCIT, all eligible students are given required placement assistance. Unlike other B schools, SCIT emphasises on training students for the placement sessions. This is in addition to a dedicated placement cell that focuses on sourcing the best possible placement opportunities for its students. Every year, leading placement companies are invited to the campus to recruit students.

Here again, the faculty also intervene to help students to prepare for the interview and other placement related procedures that follow.

Am I eligible?

As for the eligibility of the SCIT MBA program, it is best advised to carefully go through the conditions specified on the SCIT portal. For any queries, students can also get in touch with the admission cell or simply write to the college authorities for guidance. With regards to the executive MBA program at SCIT, admissions are announced on the website itself. Therefore, interested students should get in touch with the college authorities for more details.

How can an MBA in IT empower your resume?

How can an MBA in IT empower your resume?

The domain of information technology is amongst the few industries that has successfully managed to ward off the evil of recession even in the economy’s darkest hour. In fact, the frantic pace of development even in the recessionary phase has created a pool of job opportunities for all those aspiring to build a career in the domain of information technology. However, the way forward requires more than just technical knowledge. People need to understand the importance of blending technical aspects and managerial understanding to propel the domain towards the next stage of growth. If knowing the technicalities helps you accomplish one part of the project, it is the managerial skill that helps in coordinating the multiple tasks to complete the entire project.

This is where the MBA in Information Technology Business Management offered by the Symbiosis Centre for Information in Pune helps students carve a niche for themselves. One of the best institutes in the country when it comes to pursuing post graduate courses in the domain of information technology, SCIT offers part time and full time MBA programs for IT aspirants. The full time MBA program takes in students through SNAP test while the executive MBA program works on direct admission basis.

On completion of the MBA in ITBM, students become eligible for various opportunities including white collared jobs that they were previously being forced to ignore due to lack of qualification. In addition to the roles of project management, the MBA in ITBM can also help in targeting job opportunities at the managerial level. What’s more is that with the Symbiosis tag on your resume, things are considered differently. Symbiosis has a reputation of providing skilled students across various sectors. Often recommended as one of the best institutions for education in the entire country, the Symbiosis tag carries with it an assurance of quality learning which recruiters value the most in prospective employees.

The two year program uses a holistic training module that prepares the students for the road ahead. In addition to the classroom teaching, students also get to indulge in ample amount of industry interface that actually helps in broadening their minds to newer horizons. The regular interactions with expert industry professionals is the bonus that helps in understanding what’s trending and what’s not when it comes to the domain of information technology. Also, these interactions develop amongst the students a hunger to understand better which is what benefits them when they join the industry as thorough professionals.

Additionally, the training comprises of expert faculty coming in from all corners of the country to help the students learn and understand the dynamicity associated with the domain. SCIT also has its dedicated placement cell to help students explore new opportunities and learn better when it comes to making a breakthrough in the industry.

Admissions to the next batch are currently on, interested students can visit to know how they can unlock the plethora of opportunities awaiting them after completing the MBA in ITBM.

SCIT: MBA Program For IT Aspirants

Entering into the Information Technology industry is an aspiration that many people harbour. However in order to be able to build a career in the domain of information technology, the single most vital thing to do is to enter with the right qualification. Unless your resume does not say it, people are not going to be interested to hire you. There was a time when the graduation in Information Technology but that time is gone. Today, we are in a competitive scenario where a more specialised qualification is always appreciated. Yes! The general management program is good for those who want to build a career as a manager. But if Information Technology specialisation is what you are looking for, enrolling for SCIT’s MBA in Information Technology can be your best bet.

What is the program all about?

The MBA in Information Technology by Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune is a two year program that covers the basic details as well as the advanced course. While the basics deal with the evolution of Information Technology, the advanced course is about applying managerial aspects to the regular training.

Industry interface

Learning from the book is old school and sorry to say outdated. Therefore, the practice at Symbiosis is to include industry interface in the routine module. This industry interface includes training with some of the big names in the industry along with working on projects. When in the classroom, even the best teachers are capable only of giving you a glimpse of what the corporate world looks like. But, when you are working in the industry, the picture becomes pretty clear. Since SCIT has a reputed position amongst the leading names of the industry, the placement cell is able to secure internships in most cases.


For admission to the MBA program by SCIT, students need to enrol first for the SNAP test. Always remember this is only the first stage. After you finish this, students will also need to submit their application individually to the college. Once the exam score reaches SCIT, it will shortlist students on the basis of their scores. These shortlisted candidates are invited for group discussion and interview.

Am I eligible?

When it comes to MBA in Information Technology, there are many people who ask this question. But, your eligibility is dependent on your qualifications. Ideally, you need a graduation in the domain of information technology with a good score ( at least 50%) in order to be eligible to apply. Those interested can also stay tuned to the SCIT website checking the eligibility of the concerned student.

Placement assistance

Usually B schools don’t talk about placement seasons because they just want to get the job done. However, Symbiosis makes it a practice to assist students with the placement at the end of the year. This in turn guarantees they get good jobs without drilling a hole in their pockets.

So, what are you waiting for? Lay the foundation of a strong career with the domain of information technology.

Life as an MBA: Your best shot at learning

When people talk about the MBA in Information Technology, the general perception is that life is going to be very tough for the next two years. After all, students are expected to be busy with their studies leaving little or no time to enjoy the remainder of their life on campus. Well if you are talking about ordinary B schools, this perception may be true to some extent. But at Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology, the whole idea of an MBA is to prepare a student for the corporate life that lies ahead of him or her. As is a well-known fact, corporate life is not about just slogging, it is more about smart work. SCIT focuses on updating the students with the knowledge as well as the skill in order to equip them with the needed attitude to end up as successful professionals.

Extra-curricular activities

When it comes to MBA in IT at SCIT, co-curricular activities are a part of the daily lifestyle. These activities give students the much needed exposure and also ensure that he or she gets to exercise their management skills in the initial phase. What’s more is that management is quite a complex subject and it is through these activities that the students get to relax and absorb what they learn.

Industry exposure as well

Events and activities at SCIT are also a way of improving the industry interface. When students at the MBA in IT program are a part of these events, they get to interact with the industry experts participating in these occasions. This is what helps them build the initial contact which can be fruitful at a later stage.

Learning opportunity

Inviting industry experts to SCIT events is actually a learning opportunity that helps the students understand their industry in a better way. From discussing the latest topics to sharing insights on relevant trends, these industry experts provide a lot of inputs that end up being valuable tips about what to expect in the future when they step into the corporate world as professionals.

Area of interest

The extra curricular activities at SCIT are also an excellent opportunity to connect with the industry and understand the various domains of information technology. IT as we know it has evolved at a frantic pace in the last few years. In fact, what was previously just one category has now branched out into several classifications making it difficult for the students to narrow down their area of interest. The extra curricular activities give students a chance to understand their classification and accordingly narrow down to their preferred area of interests, each time they interact with industry experts.

It is this holistic approach of educating that ensures the two years invested in the MBA in IT program end up becoming the catalysts that lead to the metamorphism of their learning curve in the upward direction.

In addition to the full time MBA in Pune,MBA in IT,executive MBA,Symbiosis Pune,Admissions to MBA,Symbiosis Institutes,Symbiosis,business management course PuneMBA SCIT also conducts the part time MBA or executive MBA option. Stay tuned to for more details.