Benefits And Job Opportunities By Pursuing MBA In Information Systems

Professionals trained in information systems are seen playing vital roles in the technological development and overall growth of firms. No decision can ever be taken without conferring with them as information technology departments are a key to all big and small operations in major firms. It is for this reason business organizations are always looking for trained people in this field, like those with diplomas or MBA in IT. The demand is maximum in the IT field based areas like Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore in India. It is for this reason, most colleges offering courses like MBA in Information Technology have their base camps in these cities. It is easier to find a college offering MBA in IT in Pune than any other city in Maharashtra.
In Pune specifically, one name that comes on top of others is Symbiosis International University. A highly deemed university across the world, this one is known for offering some of the best courses in every field related to management and information technology. Pursuing MBA from Symbiosis is a dream for almost every MBA aspirant in India. The Symbiosis School of Information Technology is a special school that has been offering MBA in IT. The 2 year course is known for offering the best education, lessons, exposure, as well as placement opportunities to candidates. All you need to do is apply for the course and clear the entrance examination.
IT systems and computers are integral part of any organization. IT related academic programs basically deal with the systems involving computers and day to day challenges related with them. A management program in this field can always teach you to handle crisis and other higher level difficulties of the subject. On a higher level, IT departments not only ask for knowledge related to information technology but also related with human resources, operations, system managements, a bit of accounting, and others. To handle responsibilities on this level, you ought to learn higher level management that can only be learned either by an executive MBA in IT or regular MBA in this field. Whatever be the source, the bottom line is you cannot move ahead without having a basic knowledge and exposure to management. Experience might help you to some extent but there are several other things like company laws, organizational behavior, employee retention, financial growth, and other aspects that can only be handled if you know the basics of it. Also, people with a degree in management along with experience are often given higher preference above those who have only experience. You can always pursue a degree in this field on a full time as well as part time basis depending on your job schedule. For the full time course, you may have to bid adieu to your job for two years, but with the part time one you can continue with your job and take evening or weekend classes. Symbiosis is open to both options as per the need and requirement of the aspiring candidate.


Management In Information Technology By SCIT

Information Technology deals with the relatively niche domain of applying the latest advancements of technology to connect and network systems. Way back in the 90’s India also experienced an IT boom where the opportunities in the domain of information technology were mushrooming at an uncontrollable pace. However, the IT boom soon settled and with it the opportunities too until like all industries even information technology began to experience the demand for professionally trained managers willing to take up the challenges of the corporate sector.

It is the need for such managerial talent that led to the rise of institutions like SCIT. Located in the heart of Pune, the Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology specialises in offering MBA in Information Technology Business Management. A specialise program develop to cater to the demands of the IT industry, the MBA in ITBM at SCIT is a two year course. The program covers the nuances of information technology and also deals with explaining the importance of applying managerial principles to the domain of IT.

However, the full time MBA in ITBM is not the only course offered by SCIT. The institute also offers an executive MBA program exclusively for professionals. The unique program also helps professionals to learn more about the practical importance of managerial principles for better development of their respective departments.

While admission to the full time MBA program are done through the professional SNAP test, the executive MBA takes applications directly. However, in each case, students are required to present their qualifications to justify the application. Additionally, all interested applicants have to go through a process of group discussion and personal interview before the institute declares the final list of admitted students.

Career opportunities after MBA in ITBM

One of the major concern for any students applying to any MBA program is to be able to figure out the return on the money invested in education. At reputed institutions like SCIT, all eligible students are given required placement assistance. Unlike other B schools, SCIT emphasises on training students for the placement sessions. This is in addition to a dedicated placement cell that focuses on sourcing the best possible placement opportunities for its students. Every year, leading placement companies are invited to the campus to recruit students.

Here again, the faculty also intervene to help students to prepare for the interview and other placement related procedures that follow.

Am I eligible?

As for the eligibility of the SCIT MBA program, it is best advised to carefully go through the conditions specified on the SCIT portal. For any queries, students can also get in touch with the admission cell or simply write to the college authorities for guidance. With regards to the executive MBA program at SCIT, admissions are announced on the website itself. Therefore, interested students should get in touch with the college authorities for more details.

SCIT: MBA Program For IT Aspirants

Entering into the Information Technology industry is an aspiration that many people harbour. However in order to be able to build a career in the domain of information technology, the single most vital thing to do is to enter with the right qualification. Unless your resume does not say it, people are not going to be interested to hire you. There was a time when the graduation in Information Technology but that time is gone. Today, we are in a competitive scenario where a more specialised qualification is always appreciated. Yes! The general management program is good for those who want to build a career as a manager. But if Information Technology specialisation is what you are looking for, enrolling for SCIT’s MBA in Information Technology can be your best bet.

What is the program all about?

The MBA in Information Technology by Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune is a two year program that covers the basic details as well as the advanced course. While the basics deal with the evolution of Information Technology, the advanced course is about applying managerial aspects to the regular training.

Industry interface

Learning from the book is old school and sorry to say outdated. Therefore, the practice at Symbiosis is to include industry interface in the routine module. This industry interface includes training with some of the big names in the industry along with working on projects. When in the classroom, even the best teachers are capable only of giving you a glimpse of what the corporate world looks like. But, when you are working in the industry, the picture becomes pretty clear. Since SCIT has a reputed position amongst the leading names of the industry, the placement cell is able to secure internships in most cases.


For admission to the MBA program by SCIT, students need to enrol first for the SNAP test. Always remember this is only the first stage. After you finish this, students will also need to submit their application individually to the college. Once the exam score reaches SCIT, it will shortlist students on the basis of their scores. These shortlisted candidates are invited for group discussion and interview.

Am I eligible?

When it comes to MBA in Information Technology, there are many people who ask this question. But, your eligibility is dependent on your qualifications. Ideally, you need a graduation in the domain of information technology with a good score ( at least 50%) in order to be eligible to apply. Those interested can also stay tuned to the SCIT website checking the eligibility of the concerned student.

Placement assistance

Usually B schools don’t talk about placement seasons because they just want to get the job done. However, Symbiosis makes it a practice to assist students with the placement at the end of the year. This in turn guarantees they get good jobs without drilling a hole in their pockets.

So, what are you waiting for? Lay the foundation of a strong career with the domain of information technology.

SCIT: Education for IT aspirants

Growth is imperative to the survival of a business. However, this growth is incomplete without the contribution towards the betterment of the society. Any business requires the support of society in order to go ahead. Therefore, a default responsibility of the business or the brand is to give back to the society. At Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology, the inherent trait is to teach students the importance of social responsibility from the beginning itself.

SCIT: Epitome of education

When a student enrols himself for a course at Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, he or she is assured of a holistic training module. This in turn includes the education as well as the industry interface. However, here the focus in on preparing the students to evolve into thorough professionals. This takes time as well as effort which very few institutions like Symbiosis Center for Information Technology are willing to offer.

At SCIT, the preparation starts with employing the finest of academicians from all over the country. Some of these educationists are seasoned professionals well versed with the ups and downs of the industry scenario. This further benefits the students by giving them a chance to learn from people who have actually been a part of the industry. The first hand insights are expected to give the students a better idea about the way of working that the industry follows.

Additionally, students are given access to the best in class infrastructure that helps them learn more and do better. From a well equipped library to easily accessible faculty and curriculum based on real life cases, SCIT endeavours to excel in terms of providing the best possible training to its students.

Industry interface

Training is not complete without learning how the industry works and sadly no amount of classroom training can work when it comes to learning about the industry. SCIT understands this and has accordingly customized its training module as well. For students at SCIT, a compulsory part of their two year MBA program is to learn the way the industry works. This is done by including compulsory industry internships as part of their training. For students who can manage the internship on their own, well and good. But for the many others who are still a little confused, SCIT ensures that the queries are addressed and helps them solicit the best of internship opportunities through its contacts.

Placement assistance

Most B schools consider it the end of their responsibility as soon as the program is completed. However, SCIT provides complete placement assistance. At the end of the program, the institute organises placement program wherein the creme de la creme of the industry crowd is invited to recruit the students from SCIT. This helps the students.

Balancing work and play at SCIT

The Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology is one of the top notch institutions when it comes to learning the nuances of information technology. IT is growing at a fast pace and the need of the hour is professionals who are willing to come up front and take these challenges. Given this situation, SCIT takes the initiative of conducting the MBA program in a manner that educates students and gives them the much needed academic edge over the competitors. For those who are wondering how SCIT reached such heights. The answer is simple. Known for its dedication, the institute has struggled hard and continues to strive to exceed milestones when it comes to academic excellence.

Here is a brief preview of key factors that make the course at SCIT a more affordable, doable and viable option for aspirants.

Not just in the class

Restricting yourself to the classroom teaching can be criminal, especially when you are pursuing the post-graduate program. At SCIT, students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom learning. From research to live projects, students are asked to pursue opportunities that help them enhance their learning. In fact, industry training is mandatory when you are pursuing the Executive MBA at SCIT.

Learn from experts

Students at SCIT get to learn from experts. Some are seasoned academicians while others are industry experts. As part of its curriculum, SCIT invites industry experts to talk to students. The whole purpose of such series is to help students broaden their learning horizons and grasp concepts that are relevant to the growth of the industry.

State of the art facility

SCIT invites students to study amidst state of the art facility. There is a well-equipped library that students can refer to. Even the teachers are available to help the students whenever required. Additionally, the institution uses latest techniques that help students to learn faster and better.

Placement support

When it comes to an MBA program, it is obvious for people considering the return on investment. However, this return on investment, is not a money back guarantee. It is the placement or career growth opportunities that you will get. SCIT offers you all the required placement support that helps students achieve the return on the money that you invest in the pursuit of your post-graduation program.

Excellent location

Students don’t learn until they are given a comforting environment. SCIT takes care to provide this environment to the students. The hostels are well-equipped. In fact, SCIT also hosts several events. These events are organized entirely by students. Additionally, this is the one platform where students get the unique opportunity to de-stress themselves. Believe it or not, this helps in keeping the students calm and therefore enhance their learning abilities.

Aspiring for a career in MBA in IT is not wrong. However, if you are planning to realize this dream, ensure that you are pursuing the program form a reputed institute like SCIT.

Get the managerial expertise with SCIT!

The Symbiosis Centre for Information and Technology, Pune is a premier institute that specializes in offering managerial programs in the domain of information technology. To a lot of people, the interpretation of Information Technology often means that it is more to do with the technical aspect. However, this is not entirely true. IT also requires managers. Those who are professionally qualified and have the skill set to make the industry grow, are always in demand. In fact, there are cases when we see a dearth of vacant positions in the IT industry due to a lack of professionally qualified individuals. This means that in spite of having job opportunities, people are not able to make use of them.

About the executive MBA program

You may find it hard to believe but this is a dilemma that several professionals working in the IT industry are always faced with. Given this situation, the executive MBA program by SCIT is the perfect solution. Being a weekend only course, pursuing this program does not interfere with your routine job allowing you to pursue work as well as academic interests simultaneously. Additionally, the course is completed in a short duration of 30 months. This in turn ensures that you don’t have to take a long sabbatical from your typical work routine. Even the stress involved is lesser.

Why choose SCIT?

When you are planning an executive MBA program, you have to look at it as an investment. Yes! The money that you put into the SCIT program should be able to reap rich returns in the future by making you eligible for better opportunities. As compared to other B schools in its categories, SCIT is amongst the top notch names that offer you a chance to pursue the curriculum amidst state of the art infrastructure. Everything from the syllabus to the execution of the classes is thought in a manner to optimize the learning of the students. Apart from the in-house faculty, SCIT also makes it a point to invite industry experts to deliver lectures on specific subjects. This gives them the unique opportunity to learn from first hand experiences and it is this training that comes in handy when you want to apply for higher and well paying opportunities.

Is it expensive?

When you look at the long term returns, the SCIT executive MBA program is quite affordable. You get to learn from the best people. Even the course is designed in a manner that matches the industry standards ensuring that as the participant you don’t have to leave out on anything. Given the gains that you are getting, the program comes across as an affordable option for many professionals. The additional advantage is that since you don’t have to leave your job to pay for the program, there are no losses that you are incurring during the entire process.

As far as the admission process is concerned, SCIT takes in students on the basis of applications that it directly receives. Post the review of the applications, shortlisted candidates are interviewed and those managing to justify their interest get a chance to study at the SCIT campus.

Academic options at SCIT!

The Symbiosis Centre for Information & Technology located in Pune witnesses hundreds of students applying to its prestigious MBA programs every year. However, very few of these students are able to clear the admission procedure and make it to the final list. The reason for this strict admission procedure is very simple. SCIT is keen on admitting students with a genuine interest instead of bringing in the crowd. Having acquired an expertise in delivering world class education at an affordable price, SCIT is the country’s premier B school that successfully caters to the demands of the IT industry by building a reliable talent pool.

What are the options?

Currently, SCIT offers two types of academic programs-the MBA in ITBM and the Executive MBA program. While the MBA in ITBM is a unique MBA programs dealing exclusively with blending the concepts of management with the real time scenario in the IT industry, the executive MBA is a course for professionals. To start with the MBA in ITBM is a full time program conducted over a period of two years. Dealing with several key subjects, this program focuses on teaching the students the importance of applying managerial concepts to streamline the IT operations. The first year remains common and students are given a chance to choose their area of specialization from the second year. Additionally, this program includes regular industry interface programs and a lot more that helps in keeping the students well versed with the practical scenario.

Thanks to this carefully designed curriculum SCIT students find themselves in a better position to get a good job at the end of the program. As far as the executive MBA program is concerned, it is entirely for professionals. Yes! The weekend only course is exclusively for professionals wanting to acquire the academic edge without letting go of their existing position in the corporate world. As part of this MBA program, the participants need not let go of their job and can pursue their academic interests on the weekends. The result is that at the end of the program, you add a degree as well as experience to your resume. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Admission procedure!

The executive MBA program takes in participants based on a detailed interview process. Those wanting to apply should look up the website in order to keep themselves updated when it all starts. On the other hand, the MBA in ITBM program takes in students through the SNAP test followed by GD and PI of shortlisted students. As far as eligibility is concerned, graduates in related disciplines with a minimum score of 50% are eligible to apply. However, you should go through the detailed eligibility rules mentioned on the website and clarify your doubts prior to applying. For application procedure and other details, you can also get in touch with the admissions cell at SCIT.

Admissions to the 2015-2017 batch for the MBA in ITBM are now open. Hurry! To register your application today.