Learn the Dynamics of the IT and Management World With SCIT

Today we live in a world where we are extremely reliable on technology to carry out our day to day tasks. Want to order grocery, swipe a button on your mobile phones and it gets delivered to your doorstep. This has become the trend today. Only a minimal amount of individuals maybe present in this world who are not touched by this tremendous evolution of technology. And because the general public always get advantage of different technological advancement, many professionals sit to deliver their best. These IT professionals are constantly trained and groomed to give the best output. But sometimes, something more than the regular knowledge is required. So India saw the introduction of a new course, MBA in IT, that aims at grooming the IT professionals today into successful and exceptional IT managers of tomorrow.

The course although new, has been dominating as one of the most opted course by the IT professionals. Not only this, even the corporate firms are looking for individuals who can balance both the technical aspect and the management aspect of the business. Tapping these changing trends, many IT B schools have been set up in India.

Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is one institute in India that has been shaping the IT professionals into exceptional managers since quite a time now. It is situated in Pune, the city which is seeing an upsurge of IT companies to such a massive extent. Thus, the students at SCIT get an exposure which no other college can provide at the very beginning of their course. The college is located around the IT park itself, which keeps the students motivated to stay focused on their dreams.

Talking about the curriculum, Symbiosis offers its students courses in MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics, Executive MBA in IT, Post Graduate Program in IT Business Management, and MBA in IT Business Management. These courses aim to make the student excel in that particular field and become dynamic management leaders of the future. From the courses provided by SCIT, MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics is seen setting a new trend in the field of management education. This course at SCIT aims at nurturing the students and imparting a knowledge that makes this data-savvy generation a big name in the world of data science and analytics. This course is seen having a great scope in the world of technology and SCIT’s intensive training gives the students an upper hand over other individuals. Thus, helping them to make it big in this industry.

Understanding the different trends and seeing the fierce competition, it becomes extremely necessary that an intelligent choice is made. And SCIT makes it possible to give the world expert individuals in the IT world, definitely a great choice.


SCIT – An Institute Delivering Exceptional MBA professionals in IT Sector

Indian markets have seen rising trends in the technological field. The recent boom of many Indian cities tagged with the name of ‘IT Hub’ speak for themselves. Another proof is the increasing number of Information Technology colleges. A new trend that is seen emerging in the education domain is the introduction of MBA in IT course. This course helps an individual to have an in-depth knowledge of the IT field and also develop the management skills. Nowadays corporate firms have developed a rigorous work model and thus they demand dynamic individuals. Individuals who can oscit1248versee multiple departments and face the challenges confidently are thus preferred, and this is where the course comes into picture.

The MBA in IT course is basically learning about both the Information Technology and management. Doing this course gives a student an edge over other students who just pursue a mere management course or IT course. Corporate firms also prefer these individuals more because then they get individuals who know the dynamics of management to expertly handle the IT department. As a result there is a need of excellent IT B schools in the country.

There is no need to mention that India is gaining a high impetus in the technology world. And among the major IT hubs of the country, Pune is one city that cannot be left out. To meet the demands of the IT firms of this city and also the country, Symbiosis International University had set up SCIT (Symbiosis Center for Information Technology). SCIT has been set up with one objective – giving the world the best IT managers. It offers the students the right exposure in the field by providing the best exposure. It aims to turn the students into proactive professionals, and also prepare them to face the many challenges of the IT field. Through its various management programs, SCIT becomes one of the preferred choices of ambitious young individuals who want to secure the best education in this field.

Most of the organizations, need data for decision support and build data-driven products. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire individuals who understand the knick knack of the data sciences field. SCIT understands this and provides the data-savvy crowd of today with a degree in MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics. The advantage of doing this course is that the individuals who know how to deal with the problems of Data Sciences, gain a management outlook. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the individuals become equipped to cater to the requirements of different sectors like banking, education, health care, retail and many more industries.

Thus, SCIT is the best hub for anyone who wants to gain a share among the great professionals of both information technology and management world.

SCIT: MBA Program For IT Aspirants

Entering into the Information Technology industry is an aspiration that many people harbour. However in order to be able to build a career in the domain of information technology, the single most vital thing to do is to enter with the right qualification. Unless your resume does not say it, people are not going to be interested to hire you. There was a time when the graduation in Information Technology but that time is gone. Today, we are in a competitive scenario where a more specialised qualification is always appreciated. Yes! The general management program is good for those who want to build a career as a manager. But if Information Technology specialisation is what you are looking for, enrolling for SCIT’s MBA in Information Technology can be your best bet.

What is the program all about?

The MBA in Information Technology by Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune is a two year program that covers the basic details as well as the advanced course. While the basics deal with the evolution of Information Technology, the advanced course is about applying managerial aspects to the regular training.

Industry interface

Learning from the book is old school and sorry to say outdated. Therefore, the practice at Symbiosis is to include industry interface in the routine module. This industry interface includes training with some of the big names in the industry along with working on projects. When in the classroom, even the best teachers are capable only of giving you a glimpse of what the corporate world looks like. But, when you are working in the industry, the picture becomes pretty clear. Since SCIT has a reputed position amongst the leading names of the industry, the placement cell is able to secure internships in most cases.


For admission to the MBA program by SCIT, students need to enrol first for the SNAP test. Always remember this is only the first stage. After you finish this, students will also need to submit their application individually to the college. Once the exam score reaches SCIT, it will shortlist students on the basis of their scores. These shortlisted candidates are invited for group discussion and interview.

Am I eligible?

When it comes to MBA in Information Technology, there are many people who ask this question. But, your eligibility is dependent on your qualifications. Ideally, you need a graduation in the domain of information technology with a good score ( at least 50%) in order to be eligible to apply. Those interested can also stay tuned to the SCIT website checking the eligibility of the concerned student.

Placement assistance

Usually B schools don’t talk about placement seasons because they just want to get the job done. However, Symbiosis makes it a practice to assist students with the placement at the end of the year. This in turn guarantees they get good jobs without drilling a hole in their pockets.

So, what are you waiting for? Lay the foundation of a strong career with the domain of information technology.

Five reasons why to study at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

The Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology headquartered in Pune is one of the leading institutions in the country when it comes to learning the program of MBA in Information Technology Business Management. The world of information technology as we know it goes beyond just understanding computers and machines. There was a time when a mere Bachelor’s degree was enough. This was because, the need was for professionals who can deliver to the need of the situation. But, with the evolution of technology, these needs have also evolved. Today, the IT industry is in the need of professionals who are willing to step up and take charge of the entire situation. Only when they have the required managerial training required, will they be able to adapt to the pace at which the progress is happening.

Why are managers needed?

Knowing the technology is not going to be enough. It is the managers who will prescribe the path ahead. Yes! How to handle those who have the knowledge? How to administer the repair work needed in a crisis situation? How to take care of the employees? What are the steps needed to ensure timely completion of project. This is where the project manager plays a crucial role. Additionally, since the manager is well-versed with the nuances of technology, he is capable of being a part of the team as well as leader of the team, adapting depending on the requirement of situation.

These factors make the MBA in IT business management, a crucial program in the IT industry.

Five reasons to pursue the program

Well, there are many reasons that ensure the decision to pursue the MBA in ITBM at SCIT turns out to be a fruitful one for the students. Nevertheless, here is a look at the reasons:

State of the art infrastructure for best in class academic training is one of the biggest advantages for the students enrolling at SCIT. They get to learn from the experts and also the environment propagates knowledge building.

Round the clock faculty assistance: The infrastructure at SCIT is such that students are free to seek round the clock assistance from the faculty. Be it clarifying doubts or seeking guidance, the faculty is always available.

Industry training included: As part of its teaching methods, SCIT emphasises on industry training. It is this training that helps the students to get exposure to the real ways of working. This prepares them for the future and empowers them to take better decisions as professionals.

Symbiosis tag: Studying at SCIT gives students a chance to earn a degree from Symbiosis. Given its reputation as one of the best institutions for managerial training, the Symbiosis tag will ensure that your resume is placed on priority every time you apply for jobs across a list of prestigious companies. This is because Symbiosis’s reputation of training students precedes your application.

Higher returns: The instit ution also offers placement assistance ensuring that all eligible students get the required support to realise their dreams of building rewarding careers in the corporate sector.

SCIT: Your key to success

The Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology is a premiere institute located in the heart of Pune. There was a time when people barely had any options beyond the obvious choice of graduation. However, all this has changed with the coming of SCIT and similar institutes operated by Symbiosis. The entire concept of specialization in an MBA program became a reality with these institutes and continues to be so. At SCIT, the core focus is on offering an MBA in Information Technology. IT, as we all know it is growing fast. The one thing need to support this growth is talent. People who are skilled and capable of taking up the challenging roles that the industry is offering, is what comes across as the primary criteria for recruitment in any IT firm.

Through its holistic education approach, SCIT has been successful in addressing the problem to quite an extent. The academic training involves learning at the hands of experts. Seasoned industry professionals are invited to teach students. The advantage of having industry professionals is that it helps in opening the minds of students to newer concepts. As the experts share insights, it actually opens doors by helping students to understand the multiple facets.

Here are five reasons why being at SCIT can be a complete game changer for your career:

  • Once you learn, you are actually eligible for better job opportunities. What does this mean? Well, for starters, this means that you will get to pursue your dream job. To top it all, since you finally have the experience and expertise, you will become eligible for promotions, perks and of course, a better salary!

  • IT managers is a specialization. The art of general management may seem complete but it does not cover the specifications of the IT industry. Yes! You may find it hard to believe but information technology is an all together different ball game.

  • Symbiosis tag. Post graduation is one thing but doing it from Symbiosis ensures that you are actually getting it from a place that has an industry reputation of creating leaders one after the other. Add the Symbiosis tag to your CV and it will make all the difference that you wanted.

  • More return on investment. Your post-graduation program is actually like an investment. The only way that you will ever be able to earn a return on this investment is by getting a good job through the degree. The money you earn through this job is your return. Studying at Symbiosis actually gives you a chance to earn these returns and a lot more.

For the professionals, the institute also offers an executive MBA program that is conducted only on weekends allowing aspirants to manage their job and their academic interests at the same time. The program is tailor made to suit the needs of professionals and therefore operates independently.

Five things you need to know about the SCIT Executive MBA in Pune

The Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology is one of the pioneers when it comes to propagating the cause of IT education in India. Founded by the highly esteemed Symbiosis group, SCIT has helped thousands of students achieve their goals and build promising careers in the domain of information technology. With a curriculum developed in accordance to the latest and most relevant changes to have set a trend in the industry, SCIT uses a holistic approach that carefully balances the need of academic training and extra-curricular activities. This in turn ensures that the students get to learn better which helps in their evolution as better as well as talented professionals.

Here are five things that you must know about the executive MBA in Pune being offered by Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology.

Learning from industry experts

As part of its curriculum, SCIT regularly invites industry experts to teach the students. These experts share their insights, talk about the latest developments in the industry and other relevant details. The session is made to be interactive so that the participants learn while they enjoy.

It’s a weekend only course

SCIT’s executive MBA program is a weekend only course. This in turn empowers the participants to freely pursue their jobs during the weekdays and academic training on the weekends. After all, even professionals have their weekends off!

Comprehensive curriculum

SCIT’s executive MBA program is a comprehensive training module. Everything from the basics to the advanced level subjects is carefully covered giving the students maximum possible exposure. The topics included are highly relevant to the on-going industry scenario. In fact the curriculum is regularly updated in order to ensure that participants opting for the program don’t miss out on anything.

Higher rate of interest

When choosing an executive MBA program, the primary motive is to invest in a better future, isn’t it? We all look to gain a better job from a higher qualification, that’s the simple fundamental. At SCIT, the faculty treats the executive MBA with as much priority as its full time MBA program. This in turn guarantees that at the end of the course when the students walk out with a Symbiosis tag on his or her CV, they automatically become eligible for better opportunities.

Getting back to the classroom is easier

A lot of people don’t realize it, but getting back to the classroom can be a little too tough especially when you are used to the liberties of a 9 to 5 job. The SCIT executive MBA program tries to make this transition as smooth as possible by planning the entire module in a manner that it is easy for them to adapt. For example, the basics that they have already learnt through experience are coolly ignored because they don’t need to learn from scratch.

Taking care of several such nuances, SCIT has surely emerged as one of the best places to pursue an executive MBA in the domain of Information Technology.

SCIT executive MBA: Helping your career flourish

Wondering how to boost your career growth? SCIT’s executive MBA program could be the solution to all your problems. For those who don’t know, the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology is an institute located in the heart of Pune that deals exclusively with programs offering specialization in the domain of information technology. IT is growing fast. From being a naïve filed to supporting the economic fabric of India, the industry has undergone a lot of development in the last few years. However, the industry is now in a transition phase. From here on, the growth or downfall is very clearly dependent on the support that it gets.

If you still haven’t figured out, the support in this case means talent. An industry can’t grow without talent. This talent comes from institutions like SCIT that invest paramount efforts in preparing students for a better career in the domain of information technology. While the graduates can decide their career choices, the professionals who are already in the industry are stuck with the choices that they have made. The Symbiosis Centre of Information & Technology Pune has taken up the initiative to help such professionals through its executive MBA program.

What are the advantages?

For starters, the executive MBA program is conducted on weekends, those enrolling for the program don’t need to give up their jobs. This in turn ensures that at the end of the program, participants get to add experience as well as qualification to your resume. Believe it or not, the increased credibility of your resume will help you get better opportunities as well. Also, what happens that as a professional, you rarely get to explore the industry or look at it from a different perspective. But during the executive MBA program, SCIT facilitates interaction with experts which in turn ensures that your thinking abilities are expanding.

Will I be able to study?

When you enrol for an executive MBA program, don’t think that the studies are all about mugging up the details. Instead, it is about understanding concepts, grasping them and accordingly apply them. So, even if you don’t have time to mug up, you will have time to learn and therefore do better.

Return on investment

The executive MBA program is an investment that is ultimately aimed at helping your career to grow faster. Does your choice of institution help you do so? This is something that you must ask when choosing an executive MBA program. Additionally, you are pursuing the program in Pune which is the heart of IT development in India. Studying about the industry and being so close to it ensures that you are abreast with the latest trends.

Give your career, the much needed booster dose with the executive MBA at SCIT. You can send in your applications directly to the SCIT executive MBA office or simply visit www.scit.edu for more details.