SCIT: Giving Shape to your Dreams

Business Management is one of the most preferred career among Indian students. It is one of the prime reasons that numerous universities and colleges across the nation are offering MBA courses in various streams. Out of all, Pune happens to be one of the prime hubs of business education. It houses countless MBA colleges and has become a preferred choice among students pursuing management degrees. Symbiosis Center for Information technology is one such institute that has been offering MBA in IT under the well-reckoned shadow of Symbiosis International University.
With abundant outsourcing operations directed towards India, information technology sector has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years. The industry is also facing a severe crisis due to lack of well-trained professionals specifically on the management level. With respect to higher level academics in IT sector, there are very less IT based B-Schools in Pune as well as India. SCIT stands out in this respect and has gained prominence as one of the most esteemed institutes of India. All those students who dream to make big in the world of Information Technology should aspire to be a part of SCIT sooner or later.
The flagship course offered by SCIT is an MBA in IT, nevertheless, there are several other specializations offered by the college under this course. The students have complete right to choose subjects of their choice in the beginning of second year. The specializations may differ from software solutions to infrastructure management, systems, information security systems, and so on. The basic culture and environment of SCIT encourages a very holistic approach towards learning. Other than theoretical lessons, there are numerous events that promote industry exposure and grant students with an excellent chance to instill their theory lessons into practice.
SCIT is one of the rare institutes to offer MBA in IT in Pune which makes it even more significant and special. It is a special boon for corporate professionals; they can pursue a part time MBA on weekends. The degree aids in their work experience and gives them full time to continue their job. It is a special support for those working people who have ample work experience but no substantial degree to support their claim. An association with SCIT can definitely give the required push to their career.
All courses offered at SCIT aim to give desired support to IT professionals who wish to move ahead in this industry. The curriculum here is set by taking cues from leading academicians as well as industry leaders. The University keeps updating the course from time-to-time as per the evolving dynamics of IT sector.