Learn the Dynamics of the IT and Management World With SCIT

Today we live in a world where we are extremely reliable on technology to carry out our day to day tasks. Want to order grocery, swipe a button on your mobile phones and it gets delivered to your doorstep. This has become the trend today. Only a minimal amount of individuals maybe present in this world who are not touched by this tremendous evolution of technology. And because the general public always get advantage of different technological advancement, many professionals sit to deliver their best. These IT professionals are constantly trained and groomed to give the best output. But sometimes, something more than the regular knowledge is required. So India saw the introduction of a new course, MBA in IT, that aims at grooming the IT professionals today into successful and exceptional IT managers of tomorrow.

The course although new, has been dominating as one of the most opted course by the IT professionals. Not only this, even the corporate firms are looking for individuals who can balance both the technical aspect and the management aspect of the business. Tapping these changing trends, many IT B schools have been set up in India.

Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is one institute in India that has been shaping the IT professionals into exceptional managers since quite a time now. It is situated in Pune, the city which is seeing an upsurge of IT companies to such a massive extent. Thus, the students at SCIT get an exposure which no other college can provide at the very beginning of their course. The college is located around the IT park itself, which keeps the students motivated to stay focused on their dreams.

Talking about the curriculum, Symbiosis offers its students courses in MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics, Executive MBA in IT, Post Graduate Program in IT Business Management, and MBA in IT Business Management. These courses aim to make the student excel in that particular field and become dynamic management leaders of the future. From the courses provided by SCIT, MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics is seen setting a new trend in the field of management education. This course at SCIT aims at nurturing the students and imparting a knowledge that makes this data-savvy generation a big name in the world of data science and analytics. This course is seen having a great scope in the world of technology and SCIT’s intensive training gives the students an upper hand over other individuals. Thus, helping them to make it big in this industry.

Understanding the different trends and seeing the fierce competition, it becomes extremely necessary that an intelligent choice is made. And SCIT makes it possible to give the world expert individuals in the IT world, definitely a great choice.


The Ins&Outs Of Executive MBA

There is no dearth of people who plan to take their career further with an executive MBA. It is an accelerated version of MBA that aims to give required support and training to those executives who have already climbed to the executive level in their respective organizations. The only issue that exists in this pretext is that pursuers sometimes lack decisiveness and aren’t sure how an executive MBA will help in solidifying their position. If you belong to the same club, here are a few reasons that will clarify whether you should be in or out of such program.


The biggest reason why you should be in this program is the star it will add in your profile. Employers, usually love to hire those executives who have a post-graduate diploma or equivalent certification in executive management. Even if there is no such requirement, signing up for any such program will prove to your boss how far you are willing to go to move ahead in your career. Other than that, the training session in this kind of MBA will definitely help in moving up your skill and adaptation level. Your dexterity and higher knowledge can grant you the required edge over your competitors. You can claim better leadership skills and a salary hike in much more confident way than others. Executive MBA programs are designed keeping in view the fundamental requirements of executives’ roles and responsibilities. It means there is flexibility in terms of class timings and you can adhere to your job while pursuing the degree. There are lots of institutes across India that offer executive MBA programs. For example, if you are looking to pursue executive MBA from Pune, there are a number of colleges you can sign up for. There are world renowned universities and colleges like Symbiosis International University that are headquartered in this leading IT city. You can always take admission for IT based executive MBA in Symbiosis and take care of your job in the same place.


The only con associated with these types of courses is that they steal a lot of time from your personal life. So, it is advised to pursue any such arrangement with a lot of planing for time management. If you are still worried, you can always ask your office to consider your situation and give you some relaxation. There are many employers who understand the significance of this degree and are ready to give required support to their employees.

Courses specifically modulated for IT Business Managers

The Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is a constituent of the globally acclaimed Symbiosis International University of Pune. The institute is located in the Hinjewadi area of Pune which is the hub for IT Business in the city. The institute was conceptualized for catering to the growing demand of managers who have IT specialization with a funneled attention on IT Security and Systems. The curriculum for MBA in IT and other programs at the institute is delivered in the modern classrooms with latest audio-visual equipment to facilitate the learning.

The institute has the best possible location for a business school which specializes in training Business Managers for the IT industry as the campus is surrounded by the campuses of industrial giants like Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, etc. When it comes to IT B Schools, the name of SCIT pops up first in mind if you speak with the IT professionals living around Pune. The institute offers MBA IT for which the candidate needs to appear in SNAP. The Executive MBA requires minimum 3 years of experience in an organization of repute and doesn’t need SNAP score. The one year PGPITBM doesn’t require you to appear in SNAP too but a job experience of minimum 18 months in IT or related domain is asked for.

The Executive MBA in Pune campus of SCIT is a fine opportunity for working professionals seeking to climb up the hierarchical ladder. There shouldn’t be any doubt in the applicant’s mind about his/her future while applying for the various management programs at SCIT. The institute is constantly ranked among the best options for an MBA in Pune by various reviewers and has an exceptional placement record. However, we wouldn’t want you to seek a place in the institute for these reasons; avid interest in the field of managing IT will be the most befitting reason to us.

Admissions are now open for various management programs at SCIT.

For Details – http://www.scit.edu/

Holistic academic training at SCIT!

Symbiosis has established itself as a brand that is known for it’s ability to provide quality education at an affordable price. The Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology, Pune is one of the premier management institutions in the country that continues to carry for the Symbiosis legacy. Bringing together a team of academic experts with a thorough industry knowledge, SCIT takes care to support the learning abilities of students with the best possible academic faculty. Additionally, the SCIT campus is equipped with several facilities that make it even more convenient for students to pursue their post-graduation programs.

Going beyond the regular routine

Ideally, when you admit yourself into an MBA college, rigorous academic training is important. Similarly the students at SCIT are also given a strict academic routine to follow. This routine includes attending classes, doing assignments as well as managing projects. However, the entire academic routine is carefully detailed in order to give them several opportunities to practice their classroom learning in a real time scenario. This helps them understand the working conditions of the corporate industry in a better manner. Additionally, two years down the line when they take up the job, the stress is not new. After all, they have already experienced a bit of the managerial life during their campus days.

Sensitive towards the need of the society!

The MBA in IT program by SCIT is a unique academic training option that transforms students into managers capable of handling real time corporate scenarios. However, these managers are also taught to be considerate towards the society. This in turn ensures that they take responsible decisions for the development of the country. Social responsibility is an important skill that future managers need to possess and SCIT understands this. Accordingly, the institute encourages it’s students to take informed decisions by giving due considerations to the impact on the society.

How do I apply?

For details on the application procedure, you can simply log in to www.scit.edu . SNAP test registration is where you need to start when you are applying for SCIT. Once this is done, register yourself separately for SCIT as well. Only if this registration is successful will your SNAP score be sent to SCIT for further processing of your admission request. Students shortlisted on the basis of their SNAP score are invited for group discussion and personal interview where the academic experts analyse their abilities and interest in the industry. This analysis is what helps SCIT declare its final list of admitted candidates.

What is the future of this program?

Prior to entering any MBA program, it is obvious for students to calculate the return on investment, isn’t it? Even in case of the MBA in IT, SCIT supports students with placement assistance, industry training and a lot more to improve your eligibility. This in turn increases your chances of getting a better job and so maximize your chances of earning more returns!

Studying IT at India’s premier IT B School!


Information Technology is an upcoming industry that sees a lot of opportunities created on a day to day basis. However, the benefits of these opportunities are unable to reach applicants due to the lack of eligibility. Yes! Doing mere graduations is not sufficient to establish yourself in the IT industry. You need to pursue a specialization and also develop the understanding about managerial scenario in order to be able to avail the benefits of such opportunities. The Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology is amongst the few academic institutions in the country that specializes in offering the MBA in IT business management as a full time program. Developed in consultation with experts, this program is about understanding the domain of Information Technology and the managerial principles that govern the business.

An awesome college life!

In fact, it is this multi-faceted approach that makes the SCIT programs a valuable asset for every student wanting to develop a career in the domain of information technology. When most people enter MBA colleges, life is all about following a rigorous academic regime that stresses the mind as well as body. However, when you secure an admission at SCIT, this definition is sure to change. Life at SCIT is all about teaching the students to get used to the corporate life without stressing the mind. So, if the students are busy with assignments and classes, they will also get equal opportunities to be a part of really fun-filled events organized on the campus. Also, such events come across as excellent bonding opportunities to make the campus life even more entertaining.

Great exposure!

Another advantage of pursuing the MBA in ITBM at SCIT is that the student gets ample exposure to industry as well in the form of internships and training modules. As part of the course, the students have to compulsorily enroll for internships that give them a better ability to understand the different areas of work and accordingly choose their preference. Even the lectures are conducted by seasoned experts who have been a part of the industry and have a lot of important insight to share. Such experts are also invited as part of the special lectures and events conducted on the SCIT campus.

State of the art infrastructure

Carrying forth the Symbiosis legacy, SCIT gives students a chance to pursue their academic program amidst state of the art infrastructure. From a well-equipped library to a supportive faculty, students at SCIT are given all the required support when it comes to pursuing their post-graduation. On completion of the program, SCIT also conducts a placement season where the leading companies from all over the country are invited giving the students a golden opportunity to be selected by the top notch firms. Even during the placement season, the faculty is always available to support the students helping them prepare for interviews, presentations, etc.

Admissions for the batch 2015-2017 at SCIT are now open. Those interested are requested to log into www.scit.edu for more details!

IT business and its ever changing rules

The domain of information technology is not at all static. Along with the changing realms of technology, perception of the IT industry as a business is also changing. People are opening up to the idea of a more globalized business. According to this evolution of needs, the purpose of business management is also changing. Unlike the past, when IT B schools were restricted to teaching the basics of earning profits, the MBA programs of present day are focused on implementing a more holistic approach. There is a mix of industry interface and academic training that goes hand in hand to ensure that students pursuing part time MBA or full time MBA programs never face a dearth of knowledge.

Amongst the present lot of options being offered by business schools in India, the MBA in ITBM is emerging to be one of the most preferred options. The reason for this growing preference is the importance of the program being realized by the business world. At one point of time the best of IT B schools barely thought of going beyond the usual classroom approach and even the industry believed in their module of teaching. However, the present times are different. Today, the industry does not have the time or patience to sit and teach every student. Therefore, they prefer a program which is a holistic training module. In simple terms, this means that even when the students are learning in the classroom, they are having ample exposure to the industry happenings.

In fact, these days the practical training is given more importance than any theoretical approach. After all, the real learning starts only when students step out of the cozy confines of the classroom. Given this situation, Symbiosis institutes come across as the best possible option because of their consistent emphasis on the balance of industry interface and classroom training. Even in case of information technology, Symbiosis’s MBA in ITBM is one of the most well balanced programs currently available as an option to the thousands of aspirants.

With an easy to apply process and an authentic merit based admission procedure, this program gives an equal chance to all those who are interested to come forth and prove their interest in the domain. Starting with the SNAP test, students applying to SCIT have to clear the eligibility criteria along with getting good numbers in their entrance exams as well. Once the SNAP results are announced, SCIT admission team shortlists eligible students based on their test score. These students are then invited to the SCIT campus for a round of group discussion and personal interview making it easier for the experts to judge their different set of skills.

In fact, the comprehensive admission procedure gives the students a chance to open their minds and share thoughts on crucial issues thereby allowing the experts to analyze them on multiple aspects. Finally, the list of admitted students is declared and those making it through the final few have all the reason to celebrate for being admitted into one of the best IT B schools in the country. 

Admissions for one year PGDITBM opens @ SCIT

Whilst choosing an MBA in India, the primary focus is always on enrolling into a management degree that is reliable, comes with a promise  of getting you better career opportunities and proves worthy of your investment. Though there are many places that claim to be the best business school in the neighborhood, not everybody is able to live up to the name. Amidst the many options, the Symbiosis Center for Information Technology is one place that has been pioneering the concept of IT education under the prestigious Symbiosis Pune banner for quite some time. The holistic approach at SCIT makes it poles apart from the usual colleges offer MBA programs making it one of the top ranked B schools in the country. Unlike the other PGDM colleges in Pune, SCIT uses an industry relevant curriculum to teach its students. The result is better talent that is gradually trained to take on the challenging roles in the corporate sector.

A few years ago when SCIT initiated its journey, the MBA IT specialization was an untouched domain. There were management colleges but they did not cater to the demand of niche programs. In fact, the understanding of management degree ended on the curriculum training of general management. If you were interested to do more, your options were few especially in the domain of IT education. But with the coming of SCIT, this perception has undergone a major transformation. Today, the coveted SNAP entrance test makes you eligible for the state of the art programs being conducted on campuses like SCIT.

What started with a simply cause to provide post graduate degree in the domain of IT education gradually evolved into a world class option that currently specializes in conducting different types of MBA programs. With its specially designed programs for professionals, the executive MBA at SCIT is a one of its kind option for the working class. The weekend only program redefined the existence of the executive MBA in Pune. People wanting to pursue a specialization with their job now have an excellent option in the programs offered by SCIT. This is not all. SCIT also conducts a one year PGDITBM program. The course that deals with specialization in Information Technology covers a duration of one year and can be excellent for people who already have a thorough experience in the field of IT.

If you are wondering, how is a one year PGDITBM different? Well, the only difference is the time span and this also happens to be one of the biggest advantages. For people, who have the experience but lack the degree, the one year PGDITBM fits the bill perfectly especially if you are no mood to give up your current career pursuit. In fact, there are many companies that support employees wanting to pursue such programs.

This year’s admissions for the one year PGDITBM program at SCIT are on in full swing and what’s more is that it is a direct application process. So, all you need to do is register yourself in the required format and wait for the final call.http://www.scit.edu